Watch Law & Order: SVU Seaosn 16 Episode 10, "Forgiving Rollins," online in order to witness Rollins face her dark past head on when her old boss from Atlanta pays her a visit.

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Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 10 online to witness Rollins have a startling confrontation with Chief Patton, who has his arm around yet another younger woman.

Rollins retreats to the bar to grab a drink. She gives into her fear, and shows up disheveled at work the next morning.

There's news of the woman Patton was with being in the hospital, and Rollins and Benson make a frightening discovery when they arrive to check on her Although reluctant at first, she reveals to Benson and Rollins that it was Deputy Chief Patton who had assaulted her in her hotel room.

Rollins nearly breaks down outside of the room, flooded with emotions.

Benson informs Dodds that the rape kit shows bruises, semen, and a high BAC.

Dodds remembers that Rollins has worked for Patton.

Dodds and Patton engage in an intense back and forth, and it climaxes in Patton claiming Rollins was the one who pushed the blame on him. He reveals dark secrets from her past.

Fin sits down with Rollins to ask her what really happened.

She lets him know that she was Patton's protege until Rollin's sister got arrested. He then asked Rollins to sleep with him to protect her sister.

Fin realizes that Pattons did rape the other woman - that he is capable of this act.
Benson and Rollins try to get Barba on board.

Rollins confronts Reese to testify. Reese says she worked hard for where she got, and realizes that Patton is telling everyone that they were having an affair.

Just as that lie covers the fact that Patton actually raped Reese, Rollins reveals that there was never an issue with her sister - that she was raped as well.

Captain Reynolds confronts Rollins about the situation, and it climaxes in him getting punhced in the gut.

Rollins goes for a run the next morning, and Barba catches up with her. She says she cant testify, that it would be pointless.

When Barba and Dodds meet with Buchanan and Patton, people clash heads. Patton says that Reese and Rollins both got what they wanted.

Fin and Amaro agree that Patton was working the jury over.

Reese testifies and details her assault.

Buchanan does the cross examination.

He deconstructs her claims by poking holes in her character. He ends with a snide comment about misinterpreting her miscommunications as "yes's" instead of "no's."

Reese confronts Rollins and asks her why she isn't testifying.
Rollins agrees to testify and does a dry run with Barba. Barba tries to put her on the stand but the Judge denies his request.

Barba is able to rile up Patton, and Patton has a heart attack during the questioning.

Patton pleads guilty to sexual abuse in the third degree.

Watch Law & Orer: SVU Season 16 Episode 10 online to rewatch this showdown with Chief Patton.

Episode Details

On Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 10, Rollins must face a dark part of her past when her old boss from Atlanta visits New York City with a rookie detective.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 10 Quotes

Rollins worked for this guy!


No, his boss. Deputy Chief Patton.

Reese Taymore