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Jack McCoy speaks at Ben Stone's funeral, talking about how Stone felt morality was the most important thing and DAs must always do what is right.  His son Peter is listening along with Barba.

Meanwhile, SVU is called in on a kidnapping. The father of a baby stormed in, held the babysitter at gunpoint, tied her up and took the kid. The mother, Maggie, tells SVU that the baby can't breathe without a ventilator.

SVU quickly traces the father to a motel room, where hostage negotiations begin. Fin doesn't like Olivia going in without a weapon (even though this is about the 90th such time she's done it), Olivia realizes Aaron is holding a paintball gun. He is arrested but says he was trying to save his son as Maggie wants Drew to die.

Maggie explains that Drew cannot hear, see, feel, or breathe on his own. She is waiting for a court order to unplug his life support. Aaron wants Drew to live.

Stone thanks McCoy for his words and talks about how he wished his dad was proud of him. McCoy says Ben Stone tracked all of Peter's games. Peter wishes his dad had told him so.

Barba has no choice but to prosecute Aaron, which no one wants. McCoy tells him to offer a deal and stop putting compassion over the law.

Maggie is crying over Drew. She tells Barba she knew of the disease halfway through her pregnancy. Aaron wanted her to have an abortion but she couldn't do it. She wants her son to stop suffering but the court won't make a decision. Barba sends her out of the room and pulls the plug.

McCoy now has no choice but to prosecute Barba. Stone serves as special prosecutor in the case. Benson is angry and says she hopes he sucks.

Barba goes to a lawyer that seems not to be serious but then says he's taking a stand against government intrusion into our lives with this case.

Stone is good. He gets Barba to admit he feels guilty about what he's done.

Barba is acquitted but resigns as ADA despite McCoy's telling him he doesn't need to. He tells Olivia she opened his eyes to how nuanced the world really is but he must move on now.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 12 Quotes

Maggie: When he was two months old, Aaron noticed he was struggling to breathe. He has mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. It's a genetic thing.
Benson: So soon Drew won't be able to breathe on his own.
Maggie: I spend more time in Mercy Hospital than at home.

Typical Tuesday afternoon. The mom goes out to do her nails and do some shopping, dad comes home, duct tapes the sitter and takes their 10-month old son.