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In a nursing home, a man sings Frank Sinatra tunes.

Stone visits his sister, who enjoys the flowers.

One of the nursing home residents, Maddie, is walking down the hall singing. When the nurse gives her medicine she thinks she took it already. The nurse convinces her that today is Friday and she needs her medicine, and she says she was raped.

Benson is on the phone with someone and then calls Fin into her office. She's upset he didn't tell her himself -- he made Sergeant and is being transferred to another precinct.

SVU goes to visit Maddie, who keeps rambling about marzipan cookies. They take her to the hospital. A doctor says there is no evidence of rape, and security footage shows that no one but two female aides went in her room that night.

Benson and Rollins visit Maddie and her daughter, Christine, and Maddie suddenly grabs a knife and yells at Benson not to touch her. Rollins thinks something happened in the distant past.

The investigation leads them to Leonard Maxwell, an old man who used to visit Maddie when she worked in a bakery. He comes to the station and tells them that in 1966, he fell in love with Maddie. He's reluctant to say more until he learns her husband has died. He tells Rollins that he had a consensual one night stand with Maddie, but she broke it off out of guilt. He never saw her again.

Maddie is taken before a lineup that includes Maxwell. She recognizes no one. As she is leaving, Maxwell's grandson takes him back to the station to retrieve his glasses. He sees Maddie and calls to her. Sadly, she has no idea who he is.

The cops consider this case closed and go back to arguing with Fin about him not telling them he's leaving, but then they get a call from another nursing home that a woman was raped.

This woman, Patrice, tells them that an aide rubbed her feet and then raped her. She never had sex with any man but her husband until now. She says the aide's name was Dan.

The cops learn Dan was a temp at these nursing homes. They get his full name, but when they track him down they learn that that's the name of a patient who died of complications of dementia and is now in an urn in his wife's living room. Talking to his former employers gets them the lead that he sings songs of an old time singer named Trudy Morris.

Carisi and Rollins visit Trudy and learn that "Dan" is her son Henry. When Henry comes in, he is arrested.

Benson meets Fin at a bar. He is in police uniform and is not happy because he is doing a lot of paperwork. Benson tells him her hands are tied. Their conversation is interrupted by a call. Patrice has died.

Without Patrice, there is no case. Benson goes to see Maddie, who is confused and says one mug shot Benson shows her "doesn't like cookies" but freaks out when she sees Henry's photo.

Stone isn't sure about this case, but Benson says that people get put in these homes and forgotten about and they need to at least stop predators from accessing them. Stone agrees, but the defense attorney claims Maddie is not competent to testify. At first, Maddie is lucid while talking to the judge, but then she thinks Stone is her late husband and begins rambling. The judge agrees she is not competent and dismisses the case.

The story gets media attention and soon other victims' children come forward. Henry is re-arrested. Trudy accuses the cops of wanting to get in on her fame and Henry as well. He rants at her that he wanted her to love him. Rollins cuffs him and drags him away.

Benson goes to see Maddie and Christine and give them the news that Henry is going to jail for a long time. Maddie gives Benson a necklace and calls her her best friend. Maxwell shows up with flowers and Maddie recognizes him. Christine and Benson step out to give them time together.  Benson tries to give the necklace to Christine, but Christine won't take it back.

Benson comes back to the squad room to discover Fin pulled some strings and is back at SVU.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 21 Quotes

Nurse: Perfect timing.
Woman: Oh no, I took that already.
Nurse: No, that was yesterday.
Nurse: Yes. Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday.
Woman: Are you sure?
Nurse: I never forget Friday.
Woman: So today is Friday.
Nurse: Yes.
Woman: I was raped.

Benson: I thought we were like family. So why do I have to hear this from Dodds?
Fin: Dodds has a big mouth.