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The cops stop a couple of black men and tell them to put their hands up. One of the man, Malik, says he was just trying to call 911. He says his little sister Tiana was raped in a nearby playground. When the police go to the playground, they find Tiana beaten up and barely able to talk.

Malik tells Fin that six young black guys jumped him and Tiana. One of them had a gun and made him leave. Fin is disgusted and tells him that he shouldn't have left his sister. Meanwhile, in the hospital a doctor tells Rollins and Benson that Tiana had heroin and alcohol in her system. Tiana says three boys assaulted her but doesn't remember much else. She's upset because the assailants stole her food stamp card and now she has no way to get food.

A hit on the SNAP card leads Fin to a liquor store where he knows the owner. The guy is uncooperative until Fin yells at him. He finds out a gang member named FourStroke, real name Ray Wallace, had the card. Wallace is on parole for assault and has four kids from four different mamas.

Fin and Rollins go to one of the houses and arrest Wallace. He says he didn't rape anyone as soon as they show up. His girlfriend hits him as he is being cuffed. The baby stares. 

Wallace tells Fin some young kids gave him the food stamp card and were bragging about having sex with a girl in the playground. Further investigation leads to the home of three boys who live with their grandmother. The grandmother says both her daughters died of a heroin overdose in the same year and she takes care of the kids. The boys are playing basketball in the yard and try to run when they see cops. They are quickly caught and arrested. 

Their lawyer arrives. He is a legend who used to work in hate crimes. After conferring with him, the boys tell their story. They saw Malik and Tiana in the park drinking and approached them. Malik told them they could have sex with Tiana for $200. One of the boys pawned his mom's ring to do it.

Fin is doubly disgusted. When they go to question Malik further, Tiana is unconscious due to heroin use. She is taken to the hospital again and he is arrested.

Tiana refuses to admit her brother pimps her out. She says he took care of her after her dad left and her mom went to prison and that she loves him. When Benson says child services has already been called, Tiana doesn't want to go. She says sh elied about the rape and if there's no crime there's no need for cops.

Stone charges Malik anyway. The other boys' lawyer wants the charges dropped but Benson says it's rape. He says they have til 5 PM to drop the charges or he is going to the press and saying the NYPD is railroading innocent black boys.

Miraculously, a guy who works for Malik is arrested for drugs and is willing to testify that Malik pimps Tiana out. Benson allows this when she finds out the arrest was legit. She is surprised Fin is so determined to get Malik. Fin is disgusted by the idea of someone betraying family like this.

Tiana shows up at court and starts yelling that Malik is innocent. Benson and Fin take her out. They warn her if she doesn't cooperate with child services, they will arrest her for filing a false report and she will go to juvie. She accuses Benson of only pretending to care about her (OUCH!)

Trial resumes and Tiana testifies. Stone treats her as a hostile witness. She insists prostitution was her idea and not Malik's. She tells the defense attorney how she only wanted a puppy when she was 13 but everything fell apart after her dad left and they had no money. She cries. 

Prosecution rests. Defense calls Malik's mother, who was not on the list because she had been beaten up in jail. Judge grants Stone the lunch recess to prep for the surprise witness.

Malik's mother testifies and appears to be in perfect health. She claims Malik is a good boy who is trying to take care of his headstrong sister who wants to have sex all the time.

Fin walks in with a note and a guy with a scar. Stone reads it and tells the judge the new guy is the person that Malik and Tiana's mother attacked. Malik's attorney objects. Stone says it goes to credibility and the judge allows it. Stone gets Malik's mom to admit she slashed the guy after an argument over money related to Malik selling her as a prostitute too. Tiana runs out of the courtroom. Fin goes after her and she says she's fine. ACS worker takes her home.

Benson and Fin talk ab out the case and Fin says everyone makes their own choices in life. They are interrupted by a call that Tiana OD'd again.

EMTs don't know if Tiana will make it but she does. She tells Benson that Benson knows nothing about her. Benson says she talked ot her teachers and Tiana is a straight A student who loves Wonder Woman. Tiana says she was stupid in the past. Benson tells her no, and says she can be anything she wants to be and doesn't have to live the life of a prostitute and addict.

The dealer who sold Tiana the drugs is picked up and Tiana learns Malik told him to sell her bad drugs on purpose to eliminate her before she could testify against him. Tiana goes to see Malik and tells him she doesn't hate him and doesn't want to testify, but she will if he doesn't make a deal.

Later, Benson tells Fin that Malik was abused too. Fin says it's not what happens, it's how you deal with it. Benson tells him to go home and he calls his son. Adorable baby Jayden answers the Facetime request and Fin tells him he's coming over with pizza.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 20 Quotes

Cop: Hands where I can see them!
Man [raising hands in air]: I didn't do anything!
[Cops throw him on the hood of a car]
Man: My sister, you gotta help her.
Cop: Keep your hands on the hood!
Man: I was just coming from the bogeda and...
Cop: You been drinking?
Man: My sister's been raped!
Female cop: Raped?
Man: She's in the playground around the corner. I was trying to call 911. You gotta go get her.

The guys who raped you, I swear to God I'm gonna kill them.