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There is a birthday party for someone who is presumably an influential person. He states he feels younger than ever and his company, Avalon, has a bright future, but may be passed on to his daughter Cynthia.

A grandson asks the man if "Sue Anne" is okay with the women. The man advises him not to drink too much.

The boy goes up to a female bartender and flirts with her. She says she's working. Later they are hanging out together while she cleans up. The boy encourages her to have a drink with him. He says he has the good stuff. It's apparently very potent.

Later the girl wakes up half naked and rushes to leave the house.

Rollins and Carisi banter about someone with a sleep learning system (?)

The girl shows up and says she thinks she's been raped. The girl says she doesn't remember having sex but she woke up with her pants down and she was sore so she knows she had sex. She remembers one young guy who smiled a lot at her and it's all she can remember. She thinks she's been drugged because she doesn't think one drink would do it.

Lawrence Hendricks is 75 and has many wives and girlfriends. Benson says she wants a list of every guy under 30 at the party.

Hendricks' secretary was not at the party. Hendricks tries to flirt with Rollins.  The detectives find out Hendricks' grandson Eric was there. Eric claims the sex was consensual. He goes with the cops despite his mother's objections.

Eric is told that Sara had qualudes in her system. Eric says Sara wanted to have sex. Eric's father shows up and says Eric is coming home with him and not going to his grandfather's. 

The cops get a search warrant for Eric's room. Lawrence's wife says she went to bed early and knows nothing about this. They find weed and some sort of pill which turns out to be qualudes.

Sara recognizes Eric from a photo. She says she definitely talked to him.

Eric is asked if Sara was with anyone else. He denies knowledge of the drugs. He claims Sara just left after. He doesn't remember seeing Sara with anyone else. The samples come back from the lab and the DNA shows both semen samples are related. Both grandfather and father were there so it could be either one.

Carisi interviews the father who claims to have left early. Carisi has a warrant for a DNA sample.

Cynthia claims it is harassment to take a DNA sample. Lawrence says that he had sex with Sara and that she came onto him. Cynthia tells Lawrence to stop talking.

Sara suddenly says she remembers having sex with Eric and that she wanted to. She doesn't remember the other man. She doesn't believe she would have had sex with Lawrence. She is disgusted and says Lawrence must have drugged her. 

Lawrence and Cynthia meet with Sara who wants an apology. Lawrence calls it morning after regrets. Lawrence claims she enjoyed it. He calls her Monica. Benson and Rollins arrest Lawrence despite Cynthia's objections.

The lawyer comes along and claims that Lawrence didn't say he drugged the girl even though that's what they have on tape. The lawyer also attempts to slut-shame Sara.

Barba says they have a strong case and that no one will believe this is consensual. But Cynthia is trying to have Hendricks declared mentally incompetent.

Barba shows up and says that the proceeding is in bad taste. Cynthia says Barba has no standing. Hendricks claims Cynthia is trying to steal his company.  Cynthia's attorney claims that his arrest is proof of erratic and dangerous behavior. A full hearing is scheduled.

Somehow Cynthia gets guardianship and the attorney wants to claim not guilty by reason of insanity. The judge allows it. Barba doesn't think it changes anything.  Barba is angry and it is coming across as super confident.

Barba shows the tape. Eric looks shocked. Sara says she doesn't remember the night in question. She says he tried to buy her off and kept trying to excuse it. The defense attorney tries to use Sara saying it was "sick" as proof of illness.


Barba is sure Hendricks has done this before. Benson thinks his girlfriend might know something.  Benson threatens her with charges for planting evidence if she doesn't testify against her boyfriend. Barba is surprised that Benson was lying about having evidence of planting the drugs.

The girlfriend testifies to planting the pills and says that he gives her qualudes without telling her before sex. She sees it and pretends not to.

Hendricks gets on the stand and acts like he's incompetent. He says everyone uses qualudes and the women know if they're coming to party with him. He claims that it was his turn after Eric went to sleep. 

Barba asks a lot of questions about business that make it clear that Hendricks is not at all mentally incompetent.  Defense attorney objects when Barba asks if he knew that drugging and raping people is illegal.

Eric refuses to stop protecting his grandfather and says nasty things about his mother that he got from Lawrence. The father says he can help if he is put on the stand.

The father states that Lawrence is perfectly competent. The defense attorney focuses on how Cynthia replaced the father in the company. Larry Jr states he walked away. The defense attorney claims Larry was happy when he got the COOship. Defense tries to claim Larry Jr just hates his father.

Benson confronts Larry and tells him Lawrence called Sara by his ex-wife's name. She thinks he should tell his son the truth so that Eric will testify.

Barba threatens to arrest Eric for obstruction. Larry tells Eric that the divorce was caused because Lawrence raped Eric's mother. 

Eric testifies. His grandfather made drinks and wouldn't let him have a certain one. Eric also testifies that his grandfather knows what year it is. Hendricks starts yelling at him that he was trying to teach him to be a man and that he should never apologize.

Rollins wonders if the younger generation is any better than the older one. They get a few calls about other rapes. Benson says she thinks they're no different,  just younger.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 9 Quotes

Did you have anything to drink, Sara? Not that it matters.


Girl: I think I've been raped.
Benson: I'm so sorry. Can you tell me what happened?
Girl: I can't. I don't remember anything.