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Someone hides money in a lasagna (looks like the same person that helped William Lewis escape maybe)

Benson calls Voight. Yeats is claiming some bones belong to women he killed in the Midwest. Yeats wants to talk to Rollins but Benson wants Voight to send Lindsey instead. Voight isn't sure as Lindsey has never forgiven herself for Nadja's death.

Lindsey has flashbacks of Nadja as she travels to see Yeats.

Yeats talks about the victims in very detached terms and makes sure to bring up Nadja. Dawson asks for info on the victims. Yeats "guesses" they were working girls. He suggests the killer found the girls at a truck stop trading their bodies for cocaine. He says Nadja talked about Lindsey being raised by Voight and wants to know if Rollins had a boy or a girl.

Rollins feels she should have gone up to see Yeats.

Benson thinks Yeats is bored and toying with them. Rollins wants to see Yeats and seems to get him really well. Benson sends Sonny instead.

The woman from the lasagna scene is counseling prisoners. Yeats shows up at the last second. He tells a prisoner to go away and talks to another prisoner about the lasagna.

The warden says Yeats is a model inmate, which Sonny finds weird.

Yeats asks Rollins a lot of questions about motherhood, breastfeeding, etc. He is disappointed that she didn't come alone. He says one of the victims may have been prostituting herself at a truck stop on I-90. He wants to be transferred to honor block, which serial killers are not allowed to do. The warden doesn't want him around Rudnick who is in honor block. She wants to talk to Rudnick first. Sonny offers to do that. He talks to Rudnick who says that whatever Yeats wants, he doesn't care. He wants to know what leverage Yeats has and suggests Sonny stop eating bacon.

Benson wants Rollins back in NY. She will talk to Yeats herself from now on. Sonny agrees. He is worried about Rollins being around Yeats.

Yeats stops by Rudnick's cell and looks at the lasagna.

Benson, Mike and Barba meet with the warden who is going to bring them to Yeats. First she has to bring general pop to the yard.

A guard complains about Yeats getting so many visitors. Yeats appears to be missing.

Rollins beats up the vending machine. Sonny suggests she is postpartum depressed. She's mad she doesn't get to see Yeats and hates being coddled because she has a baby now.

There are drones over the prison Eveyrone is ordered down on the ground.

Yeats is not in the law library.

The drones are being used to drop drugs/guns. Barba wonders what is taking so long. A prisoner bangs on the window, purposely scaring him.

Lindsey is on the phone with someone. Nobody knows what's going on at the prison.

Yeats and Rudnick are not in their cells. Another inmate is scared to talk. There is a hole in the cell.

The cellmate tries to talk about William Lewis instead of Yeats. He says Rudnick has been digging a hole in the wall for a few months. Rudnick didn't want Yeats to come with him but changed his mind this morning..A maintenance worker's body is found.

The warden accuses Rollins of helping Yeats to escape.

Another maintenance worker's body is found.

A news reporter updates the world on the manhunt and emphasizes that the escapees are very dangerous and that people shouldn't interact with them.

Benson calls Voight and asks for help. He says he will send his people.

SVU briefs the state troopers on the two escapees and how dangerous they are. A sheriff wants to know how dangerous they are?

Silva tells them that Mrs. Wilkins gave contraband in the lasagnas. The security guard did not check the lasagnas.

Benosn realizes Mrs. Wilkins is the woman who helped William Lewis escape. She got past the background check because the charges against her were dropped.

NYPD goes to Wilkins' home. Her husband is there by himself with a piece of lasagna. She took the car and left, saying she had a family emergency. Sonny finds a jumpsuit, dress and wig in the dumpster.

Dogs are going crazy over a locked car and Wilkins is found in the trunk bound and gagged.

Another news update about the search. Wilkins has been arrested.

Wilkins says Rudnick was very smart, became a confidante. Wilkins says Benson has too much anger towards her and should leave. Wilkins insist Rudnick has changed. Barba takes over. Wilkins must tell them everything.

Rudnick dressed as a woman and Yeats hid in the back. Rudnick fired a shot and threw her in the trunk though Yeats wanted to kill her. The escapees were going to Adrionack State park. There have been sightings all over the county. Yeats threatened to kill Wilkins' husband if he was not let into the plan.

A woman is killed. LIndsey is reminded of Nadja and is extremely upset. Dawson says they will get the escapees.

Trail ends at the water. The dogs pick up Rudnick's scent. The state troopers wants to shoot. Sonny stops them. Rudnick has been severely injured.

News report says Rudnick is in custody and in a hospital. Yeats is still at large.

Rudnick was severely beaten. Dawson can't get ahold of Lindsey. Rudnick tells Sonny he just wanted to leave the country and live in peace but Yates wanted revenge. Yates headed towards an island.

Dodds tells Lindsey Benson wants them to come back. Lindsey refuses. Their argument is cut short when they find an abandoned vehicle. Dodds requests backup. There is a dead trooper by the car, no gun. Someone shoots at Dodds and he appears to have been shot. He radios for help and tells Lindsey to stay down. She doesn't listen. She falls, then shines her flashlight. She goes into an abandoned house and finds a hurt little girl, then gets shot at. She goes outside and Yates tries to run her over. She shoots at his car and misses, then finds a body with a note.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 14 Quotes

These are just bones. You couldn't find DNA on any of them, so I will guess that they were working girls.


And he just offered this up for humanitarian reasons?