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A bunch of women playing violin at some sort of club. They are dressed in a risque manner. People are dancing. Some guy is playing the flute along with them. The flutist introduces one of the women, Bella Donner, to the audience and they cheer.

Rollins' baby shower. Her mother seems taken with Sonny. She seems to have an alcohol problem.

Benson comes over with her son. Mama Rollins thinks Amanda should be the new sergeant.

Drunk flutist flirts with a woman.

We see a woman in a motel room, taking some cash out of a wallet and the flute. The flutist is lying unconscious on the bed.

Sonny thinks it must be a relief for Rollins to have her mom there.

New sergeant is Dodds Jr. He doesn't seem to like his father singing his praises. He is humble. Rollins interrupts. There's been a call of a rape. Dodds won't let her go and insists his son goes instead.

At the scene they are pulling security footage. Dodds offers to use his dad's name to expedite it. Fin turns him down.

Girl is all beat up. She says it was late and she opened the door when she heard banging and yelling outside, and the guy ran inside and attacked her. He covered her mouth when she screamed and pushed her to the ground. She starts coughing. Benson tells Dodds not to get water as there could be DNA. Anyway, the woman continues her story about being thrown to the floor and beaten. She claims she knows him and his name is Anton.

Sonny and Fin go to talk to Anton. It is the flutist from earlier. He says he just called 911 because his flute was stolen.

Anton goes to the station and they pretend to be interested in his flute. He says he met some woman who came to his room. They had a drink and he fell asleep. .He woke up and she was gone and so was his flute. He saw nobody. Fin accuses him of attacking the violinist. 

Rollins is the only one who believes Anton but Dodds has security footage of the guy walking naked into her room. Rollins thinks Anton is also a victim as he is out of it in the footage. They need to check everything for DNA, drug residue, etc.

Rollins gets word that the flute is in a pawn shop. She stammers and runs away when she opens the file.

Fin asks about the surveillance. Rollins claims she can't open it. After lying a bit she takes Fin to the break room and tells him privately. He thinks she should tell Benson. She's afraid it'll go to IAB especially with Dodds #2 around. She tells Fin to stall them while she tracks Kim down herself.

Benson wonders if Rollins is okay and then tells Fin to pretend to Anton that the DNA is back.

Rollins calls her mother who denies knowing where Kim is. Rollins tells her to make her show or she will make sure the press realizes Kim is a prostitute. Kim tells Mama that Amanda is putting her down as usual.

Anton says he doesn't remember anything and must have been drugged. He says he would not rape anyone. Sonny thinks he should go to the ER and run tests rather than call his lawyer. Dodds says his wife will find out if they arrest him.

Benson says Anton found the girl on Craigslist. Hard to track. But Dodds found her and made a date with her. Benson not happy he didn't run it by her first.

Rollins meets her sister. She wants her to turn herself in. Mama comes along and gets in the way. Kim smirks.

Pimp tries to push another girl on Dodds. He wants Savannah. Guy pulls a knife. Dodds and Sonny arrest the pimp and says it will go away if they get Savannah for them. Rollins threatens to arrest Kim but Kim just leaves.

Sonny demands to know where Savannah is. Fin doesn't like that Dodds and Sonny are wasting time with this guy. Benson says since Fin didn't want to take sergeant's exam he has nothing to say. Dodds tries to intimidate the guy when he wants a lawyer.

Benson and Fin want to forget Savannah because DNA shows Anton raped girl. Defense can argue he was drugged himself, not their job.

Benson wants to know what's up with Rollins. Fin doesn't want to talk.

Anton is arrested for the rape. He claims he couldn't have done that. He was drugged. Sonny suggests he call a lawyer.

Benson confronts Rollins about not telling them what was going on with Kim. Rollins says she couldn't arrest Kim or shoot her in front of her mother. Benson says she can be arrested or fired. She warns her she'd better get Kim in here and she won't call Dodds off. Dodds got a hit off facial recognition so it's a moot point. Benson takes responsibility and says Rollins and Fin will have to solve this.

Mama Rollins called in for questioning. Dodds shows her security footage. Dodds says if she doesn't turn Kim in she is harboring a fugitive. Benson says she stole from someone who will hurt her. They make her give Kim's phone #. Kim doesn't pick up. She calls back a second later. Mama Rollins tells Kim to stay put. They manage to get out of Mama that Kim is at Amanda's apartment. Benson arrests Kim. Kim says she attacked someone in self-defense. Benson will not let Rollins be involved. Sonny and Fin go upstairs to find the pimp has been stabbed.

At the station, Mama Rollins comes in and wants to know what they did to Kim. Benson insists Mama and Amanda go home. Neither one wants to. Benson warns Kim to stay quiet til she gets a lawyer.

Benson interviews Kim. She says her pimp was angry. So she gave the money she got for the flute to her mom who put it in Amanda's apartment. Kim claims the pimp attacked her and she stabbed in self-defense. Lawyer claims pimp was stalking her.

Amanda and Fin are watching (Amanda must not have gone home after all) while Kim claimed Anton gave her the flute and money so she could help Amanda with the baby. Her attorney stops the interview when Kim says drugs were involved. Kim claims if Anton hadn't raped the woman none of this would have happened.

Anton pleads not guilty. DA claims he was on a drug binge. He is held without bail because he is an international music star who could flee to another country.

Victim asks Benson if people will believe Anton.

Rollins talks to Kim's attorney and says Kim never hears anything she doesn't want to. DA will plead out and drop new charges if Kim pleads guilty on the old manslaughter charge. After whispering, her attorney refuses the deal. Rollins is upset. Her mother blames her for setting Kim up and says she chose work over family as usual. She is no longer going to help her with her pregnancy. She will be back for Kim's trial. Amanda is near collapse.

The guys are worried, especially Sonny, but it turns out to be a blood pressure spike due to stress and the baby is fine. Dodds Sr. asks Benson how Rollins is doing. He thinks she should be put on maternity leave and also wants to know how his son is doing.

Benson briefs Dodds Jr. She tells him that she didn't know about Kim's involvement when she told him not to investigate the pimp. He tells her to go easy on Rollins and Fin. He doesn't want the team walking on eggshells around him.

Rollins visits Kim. She is not going to trial. She told lawyer she didn't want to stress Amanda out. Her lawyer said a lot of stuff about Amanda and how she would get in trouble, was raped on the job, gambling addiction, etc, and it all would have come up. She's sure if she testifies against Anton she will be out in under a year. The lawyer will wait for her and then marry her.






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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 6 Quotes

Anton: You got here fast. I just called 911. Your flute is missing.
Fin: Your flute?

Mama Rollins: Maybe that's for the best. You can focus on being a mother.
Rollins: Yeah