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Rollins on the phone with someone and baby. Asks how someone is doing.

Benson says she's fine. As Rollins hangs up she hears some guy yelling at someone on the phone . She turns and walks away.

Another scene. A woman looks like she may have sniffed cocaine or something. She collapses in a chair. Two guys come up to her and start being sexually aggressive. A lady takes video on her phone. They take the girl away with them. Some lady in the street stares at them. One of the guys says his "friend" partied too much. They hurry to tryt o break into an apartment but some guy comes out and threatens to call the cops. They go back to the alley and rape the girl. We see them from her POV -- they are blurry and she is scared.

The girl screams and people watch from their windows as the two guys rape her. People turn off their lights so that they won't see.

Rollins says the woman has head wounds. Cops tell Benson the woman lived in the apartment building and that nobody saw anything. Benson doesn't believe it.

The cops investigate the woman's apartment. No men's clothes, no boyfriend. Neighbor who saw the guys breaking into the apartment comes forward. He didn't hear anything after the guys left.

Another neighbor says something was going on. Says the guys were wearing hoodies. She thought someone else was calling the cops. So did other witnesses. Sonny is frustrated but Mike says to give the neighbors a break.

Some guy with a dog didn't see anything because he was with his boyfriend. Fin says the woman's debit card was used last night.

Barista says the girl was high and the security cameras only record an hour at a time. Sonny recognizes some lady from school. She says she didn't know anything about drugs.

Sonny says the girl from the cafe has video. Benson wants facial recognition and media coverage.

A woman says the guys are from her youth center. Two of them are hardcore but one is trying to turn himself around. The woman put the boys in a locked room but they escaped out a window.

The boys have old phones with no GPS and communicate via Twitter and Facebook. They were all from the streets. Will was a male prostitute.

The cops go looking for Will. They find and arrest him.

Will swears he didn't hurt the lady. He doesn't know where the other two are. He's afraid of Ronny when they ask him to contact him. Barba says he will get warrants for the phone. Libby, the victim, awakens.

Benson interviews Libby. She doesn't want her ex to know about the drugs. She doesn't remember much. She had a bunch of drinks and went to get coffee but someone offered her drugs.  She doesn't remember leaving with the guys. She asks if she invited them back to her place. She doesn't remember any of it. She figures someone must have seen what happened.

Rollins is upset that Libby did drugs when she has kids. The argument is interrupted by Benson getting news that the kids are dealing weed on a certain block. The cops can't find them. Sonny sees some weed smokers and asks them where they got it. They spot the suspects and the chase is on. The kids are caught trying to jump a fence and are arrested while people stare at them. Sonny yells at them sarcastically about their non-help.

One of the kids claims he only ran because they were chasing him. The other claims the woman ran away when they got outside and someone else attacked her.

Will still won't give the other kids up. Ronny had two phones. One had a deleted history. Benson wants the photo of the kids shown to the neighbors.  They seem unsure. One witness refuses to help. He doesn't like being blamed.

A guy from the youth center is representing Will and wants to make a deal. Barba offers sexual misconduct.

The phone Ronny had had a 911 call, so the cops realize it was stolen.

They track down the owner who immediately claims she saw nothing. She has a black eye that she won't talk about. She says she shouldn't have called 911. Benson gets her talking. One of the boys hit her and stole her phone and threatened her. She ran away. 

The woman looks at the kids in a lineup. She ID's all three boys. 

Ronny's lawyer claims there are 40 bad witnesses. Ronny claims the woman wanted sex and she was messed up so he said no and he and his friends left.

Maria testifies she saw the boys drag the woman towards the building and Ronny hit her and stole her phone when she tried to call 911.

Ronny's lawyer tries to imply that the boys were helping her.

Other neighbors testify. One assumed nothing bad happened because nobody was calling the police.

Libby testifies that she took the drugs and wasn't proud of it but she doesn't remember anything else. She would never have consented to three strangers outside in public. Will's lawyer questions her about her drug use. Heargues that she can't remember if this was a consensual encounter. 

Libby is upset. She thinks they are going to get off. Sonny tries to reassure her. Rollins rolls her eyes when she gets a knock on the door.

The guy with the dog shows up, decides to go when he sees Sonny. Libby knows him from AA. Doug works his program and gets mad when she uses drugs.

Sonny goes after Doug and confronts him about the lies. Doug is afraid the guys will kill him if he testifies. Doug screwed up and got drunk when he saw what happened.

Barba says Doug is a worse witness than everyone else. Sonny insists Doug is the best witness even if he is a coward. He is an hour late and shows up drunk.

Doug testifies and gives details of the crime. He says Will was holding her down while the others raped her. He says instead of calling the cops he got drunk and will never forgive himself for that.

Will's lawyer asks if the drinking affected his memory. Doug admits he is intoxicated right now. The shocked judge allows redirect. Doug says he got drunk because he was afraid of testifying. He is able to repeat the questions the defense attorney asked verbatim. He is also able to describe the jury perfectly without looking at them. He apparently has a photographic memory!

Will's lawyer wants to make a deal but it's too late. Doug asks Sonny what to say to Libby.  He apologizes to her and she walks away.

Jury is back. All are found guilty. Libby hugs Benson. Defendants are remanded.

Mike thinks Libby can move on with her life but Rollins doubts she will make any changes. Fin takes her home.

Benson tells someone on the phone she's fine then drinks a lot of wine. 

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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 13 Quotes

Rollins: We have head wounds, signs of sexual assault...
Benson: Welcome back, huh?

My friend, she just partied too much, that's all.