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A suspect is filmed making a confession. Benson is asking him what happened. He denies anything. He says he killed the kid because he said he'd tell his mother something happened. At the end of the confession he asks why she asked him that when they had an agreement.

In court, the suspect pleads guilty. However he remains silent when asked to say it himself. He shakes his head and says NO he's not doing time for this. He says everyone was yelling at him and that he is innocent.

The suspect says he fired his attorney and wants to defend himself. Benson is there because she took the confession. He insists there was no confession. Benson says that he confessed to kidnapping a kid. He says he saved the kid's life by telling her. He says he was railroaded and laughs that he has to go to trial.

Barba talks to some parents. He is only trying one of the cases. One parent is angry that her son is not being considered. The other parent refuses to let her traumatized child testify. Benson gives Barba the look of death. Hector's mother says to put him on trial for her son's murder. Barba promises he'll do his best.

Sonny wants to shadow Barba. He says SVU is short staffed. He says fine but Sonny. must stay quiet. He meets a defense attorney, Lisa Hastler.

Hastler wants to preclude the Wyatt kidnapping from the case. Barba says he needs it for context. Defense argues prejudical. Judge agrees. Hastler loses on trying to get rid of the confession.

Benson wants to interview a cop who was involved in the original case. Fin says the guy is nuts and only talks to Rollins.

Cop tells Fin/Sonny that no one has come to Hector's memorial recently. He offers to lie on the stand for the case.

Benson runs into Dr Wong who has been hired as defense psychiatrist. Barba warns Benson not to be defensive on the stand.

Sonny is going to take a care package to Rollins. Barba sends him to support Hector's mother instead.

Hector's mom testifies. She says Hector wanted to walk to school by himself. He disappeared. She waited a long time but Benson found Hector's backpack in a basement. Hastler asks if she ever saw son Hector with Hoda. She doesn't remember ever seeing him until the police arrested him. She suggests that Benson found someone to blame in order to help Hector's mother.

Barba tells Benson. She's annoyed that Barba didn't do anything about it. He says he has to prep her for her testimony. She refuses. 

The confession video is played while Benson is on the stand. She says the statement was voluntary and suspect had been informed of his rights. They suspected him because they learned he poured concrete in a building near where Hector disappeared. He also was a suspected child molestor. On cross it is revealed that the NYPD originally thought that Hector was taken by his father. 

 Benson lied to him about non existent witnesses. She tries to defend her behavior and is warned to answer yes or no only to questions or cause a mistrial. Benson says he confessed because he was guilty. He cries that he confessed because Benson was going to get him killed He claims he never saw Hector in his life and that ex cons in the building etc put the body there. Barba asks who ordered the concrete. He points out that Hoda knew Hector had a backpack. Hoda claims he never hung around kids in the playground. Barba has proof. Hoda claims Barba is also lying. He claims he never touched Hector "down there." He is non responsive when asked where he DID touch him. Defense attorney says he's gloating before a fall and thanks him before walking off.

Huang said Hoda was damaged by his abusive father, so if threatened by an authority figure threatened him he would do what he was told in order to survive.  She tries to imply that Barba also threatened him. Huang claims that he would comply in order to avoid a beating. Judge overrules Barba's objection.

Benson confronts Huang. He says he doesn't know if Hoda did it. Benson is offended. Huang says neither of them knows if he really did it or not.

The auxiliary cop takes the stand. Hassler tries to imply he knew where to find the lunchbox. She tries to imply he was the one who killed Hector. She has photos of his attic, which had lots of photos of Hector. He claims it was research. When he is asked if he did it he says Hoda did and that he won't dignify the question with an answer.

Closing statements. Barba says they must find Hoda guilty based on the evidence. The judge reminds the jury must find proof beyond a reasonable doubt before finding Hoda guilty.

Jury has been out for two days. Defense claims they are grappling with weak case and that the cops abuse power. Hector's mother comes along and says Hoda killed her boy and the attorney should defend people who need it.

Five days and no verdict. Sonny is worried about a juror who wants to get home for Thanksgiving. Rollins calls Fin. Baby may be coming.

Jury is finally back. Jurors want to know rules for if a statement is voluntary. Benson is upset.

Fin calls. Rollins is on a monitor. Heart rate is slowed so she is being monitored.

Auxiliary cop says juror #4 lied and could be poisoning the jury. He bribed a clerk and tampered with the jury.

Some jurors want to hear all the testimony all over again. Defense attorney wants to talk to Barba. She doesn't like Sonny being there. She wants to plead to criminal negligent homicide.

Barba wants to take the deal. The mother and Benson don't like it. Barba talks to Hector's mother in Spanish and says he's done the best he could. She agrees to the deal. Jury says they're deadlocked just as they are telling the judge the deal. Defense attorney changes her mind when she learns this.

The judge says if this is about the holiday that's not okay. Forewoman says it's getting tense. Judge says physical intimidation is not allowed. He eventually gives in and declares a mistrial. Barba sees Hoda hug the attorney. Hector's mother is crying. A bunch of jurors come up to her and tell her they are sorry. Barba is not sure he will try the case again. 

There is a memorial for Hector. The auxiliary cop is there. So is Wyatt's mother and Hector's. Wyatt's mother has decided to move forward with the trial.

Rollins tells Sonny to go home. He wants to wait. Benson comes in. Contractions are 5 minutes apart. Something happens and Rollins says it's her back, not the baby. She is hemmoraging and the fetal heart rate is decelerating...

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