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Benson comes in to a crime scene. Looks like there's a serial rapist. Suspect tied up wife and husband. Wife called 911 with voice activated Siri.

Wife didn't give a description yet. Benson questions her. She says the perp was black and tall. She starts asking for her daughter who came home early from a sleepover and she is afraid the rapist took her. Benson asks for the building to be locked down.

Cops search the dumpsters. All clear. Roof is clear.  Nothing in the storage room. 

Carisi finds blood in the laundry room. The girl is in a laundry machine. He brings her out to the ambulance. She asks for her parents and Benson rides with her, ordering the others to find this guy.

The girl, Sophie is taken to the hospital. Benson talks to another cop and says she needs to borrow some detectives and talk to his officers at roll call.

The father tells Fin that a big black guy late 20s beat him with a gun and tied him up then raped his wife. The guy has an afro and team jersey. He looks at a sketch. He says his brother who is a cop also warned him about this guy.

Wife says she was pushed inside and the guy had a gun. He robbed her first. She wishes she screamed.

The 1-2 cops say they know the victim's brother. One of the detectives is happy that Rollins is in the precinct. He's shocked to see she's pregnant. She won't tell him who the dad is.

Benson fills the cops in on the latest attack. The other cop, Captain Reese, says stop and frisk is okay today.

An African American kid objects to being stopped and frisked. A woman refuses to answer questions about the sketch because she's not under arrest.

A kid says he saw the guy half an hour ago.

Rollins got a hit on the bankcard that the guy stole from the latest victim. The guy had a gun and the clerk was afraid he was going to shoot him because he couldn't take more than $200 from the ATM. An announcement comes over the radio that the guy is headed towards the projects.

The cops chase a guy who matches the suspects' description, Terrence. There is a lot of shooting when Benson and Sonny pull up. The perp is on the floor. He has been shot. A cop says the guy was reaching for a gun. Seems the guy may have been unarmed.

The gun has not been found. A crowd gathers, protesting the shooting. A woman asks if they are going to leave the guy to die in the street. Cops are ordered to turn over their guns and not talk to anyone without their union delegate.

Sonny goes to search the guy's apartment. He says he can search when he finds some weed, and intimidates the guy's roommate into letting him search.

The suspect's parents show up at the hospital. So does Tucker. The parents start yelling at the cops, wanting to know why they would shoot their son. Benson gives them the news that their son is dead.

The father is looking through mug shots and says he recognizes Terrence's photos from TV. The wife says that that photo is similar but the guy is too young.

 Tucker and another IAB guy interview the cops who shot. A female cop claims the guy was reaching for a gun. The cops say their lives were in danger. The camera is turned off and Tucker is surprised everyone has the same story. He thinks they were prepped.

DNA is back. Terrence was not the rapist.

There's a televised protest against the shooting. Barba and Benson are watching. Barba says he has to convene the grand jury. Benson is annoyed. She says the cops were just doing their jobs. PR guy wants Benson to convince Barba that the cops did nothing wrong. Benson leaves. PR guy wants Barba to get ahead of this and let the world know the cops were in the right. Reverend Curtis comes to see him. PR guy apologizes to parents and says that commissioner wants a full investigation and officers involved will be suspended.

Curtis says recently grand juries have been rigged. His lawyer wants a parallel investigation. He will do whatever is in the family's best interest, not necessarily share evidence with Barba. Parents leave. Curtis says they are both tired of this. The shootings won't stop until cities send a message. He asks Barba to do the right thing.

The cops involved are at a bar complaining about their suspension. They all leave except the one who knows Rollins when she shows up. He wants to know if she knows where Barba is going with this.  He wants to know if SVU has their back. Rollins offers him a ride home. He says it doesn't make any difference. They're going to be hung for this.

Barba goes to see Tucker. Tucker says these cops are not bad apples. Barba questions the gap in the video. Tucker thinks the cops sounded overcoached. Lawyers do that a lot. Tucker's partner (who is black) says he would have fired too.

McCarthy finds Rollins on the street.  She tells him it's his baby! She says he was 4000 miles away and she didn't know how to get ahold of him. He's not sure how long he will stay. She tells him it's okay and not his responsibility. He wants to talk to her. He doesn't want to just walk away. He gives her his phone number and says he will be there in an hour if she calls!

Barba tries to help Reese prep. Reese thinks this is different than Ferguson or Baltimore. They are interrupted by the Reynolds' lawyer who has obtained footage from a resident's phone of the suspect running away. He was reaching for his keys and put his hands up right before the officers fired. He keeps trying to put his hands up. Benson says they were in the heat of a chase and didn't se ehim put his hands up. Any cop would do it. Barba asks if she would.

The advocate claims that Terrence was shot for running while back. The cops' advocate says the cops were within their rights. Reverend Curtis says Terrence was deprived of his rights.

Fin and Sonny testify at the grand jury. Terrence's father testifies that his son was not violent. He thinks his son ran because his friends have lost jobs when they were arrested for no reason and couldn't make bail. He knew his innocence wasn't relevant to whether he'd be arrested, so he ran.

Reese says he would have done the same thing. His officers were trained to assess by experience and had been told the suspect had a weapon. 

Barba asked Benson how many rape suspects she's chased and how many times her life would be in danger. She has only shot two suspects. Why was Terrence shot? Benson says police procedures were followed. Barba asks if they could have waited? Benson asks what they were waiting for? To get shot themselves? Barba persists. Were there other options? Benson keeps saying all police procedures were followed.

Barba asks if the relationship between victim and cop influenced anything. The officers say they were told he had a weapon and were trained to keep shooting until the shooting stops. But Dumas (Rollins' friend) only fired 3 shots. He doesn't answer. He just says he was following procedure.

Barba shows the video. Fellow officers kept firing. Dumas says they still couldn't see his hands. But Barba points out he didn't fire at that point. Barba suggests that Dumas stopped because he didn't see a gun and asks if he agrees that if they had waited half a second, Terrence Reynolds would still be alive. He agrees. 

Back at the office, Benson can't talk about how it went.

Jury foreman wants to know if they can indict on more serious charges. Can they bring a murder charge? Barba is nervous. He says they have to prove intent. The foreman wants Barba to explain the standard. Barba polls the jury and everyone wants to hear those charges. Dumas gets reckless endagerment, eveyrone else is charged with manslaughter. Barba is watching on the news, looking upset.

Reese says City Hall wanted to blame the cops. Cops are angry at Barba. They also turn on Dumas. They demand to know what was said. The argument is ended by a call that  a cop was shot in the face during a traffic stop. The cops all gather at the hospital. The mayor is on his way.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 5 Quotes

Cop: How are the parents?
Benson: Alive

Cop: Wife used voice-activated Siri to call 911.
Benson: Good for her.