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Law & Order: SVU Season 13

"Rhodium Nights"

It's the 13th season finale of Law & Order: SVU, as the detectives uncover a feud between two escort companies.

"Strange Beauty"

On Law & Order: SVU, after finding a severed leg, the team searches for the link between it and their investigation into the world of self amputation.

"Learning Curve"

On Law & Order: SVU, the next victim of a string of hate crimes turns out to be connected to Fin.

"Father Dearest"

Detectives are on the lookout for a missing teenage girl this week on SVU. James Van Der Beek guest stars.

"Street Revenge"

Amaro believes his wife is having an affair on this episode of Law & Order: SVU. It causes him to lose focus at work.

"Valentine's Day"

A man's wife is attacked as he watches via video chat. The case grows more complex when the attackers ask for ransom on Law & Order SVU.

"Justice Denied"

A closed rape case is reopened on Law & Order: SVU this week, due to its similarities to a new case. Tension develops from there.

"Child's Welfare"

Benson asks a favor of Bayard Elli this week: she asks him to defend her half-brother in a child custody case.

"Hunting Ground"

Missing prostitutes are the focus of this SVU episode, as the case derails romantic plans for Benson and Haden.

"Home Invasions"

During an investigation into a shooting this week on SVU, Rollins jeopardizes her.

"Father's Shadow"

Benson gets closer to ADA Haden this week, while a reality TV producer is accused of rape.

"Official Story"

The CEO of a private military contractor is sexually assaulted on this episode of SVU. But he's unwilling to cooperate with the investigation.

"Theatre Tricks"

An actress gets sexually assaulted this week, but the audience thinks it's part of the show. It doesn't help that the rapist was wearing a mask.

"Spiraling Down"

SVU heads into the world of football this week, as detective look into a former star who is wanted on prostitution charges. Treat Williams guest stars.

"Lost Traveler"

A Romany boy disappears on Law & Order: SVU this week. The community's distrust makes the investigation difficult.

"Educated Guess"

Did a mental hospital patient really witness a sexual assault this week? That's the question.

"Russian Brides"

Timothy Busfield guest stars this week as the fiance of a dead mail-order Russian bride. He claims she was kidnapped prior to her murder.

"True Believers"

Andre Braugher makes his first SVU appearance this week. He plays a defense attorney on a sexual assault case.

"Missing Pieces"

The main case this week involved a missing baby on Halloween. A mother claims her car was stolen with her child in it.

"Double Strands"

T.R. Knight guest stars on this week's episode of Law & Order: SVU. He portrays a rape suspect.

"Blood Brothers"

Benson and the squad work to figure out if a 13-year old was raped this week, after she refuses to ID her baby's father.

"Personal Fouls"

Detective Nick Amaro joins the Special Victims unit and immediately begins investigating a heroin addict's claim that his former basketball coach sexually abused him.

"Scorched Earth"

We meet a new detective and a new bureau chief on the premiere of Law & Order: SVU, while the squad deals with the departure of Stabler.

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