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Villanelle kills a piano teacher with a tuning fork. She hears her baby in the next room with the nanny. Villanelle goes to check on them. The nanny pleads for mercy for the baby. Villanelle only kills the nanny and steals the baby.

Eve and Kenny's boss meet with Carolyn. They decide to work together to look into Kenny's phone.

Dasha scolds Villanelle for taking the baby. The baby throws food at Dasha and Dasha puts her in a garbage can. People in the park panic over who's child it is.

Villanelle and Dasha pay no attention. Villanelle is assigned a job in London. She tries to refuse it, but is forced to take it on.

Kenny's co-worker notices a discrepancy in Kenny's files. Kenny left behind a code on his rubix cube for them to follow. It says "PANDA".

Eve confides in Kenny's Bitter Pill boss and co-worker about "The Twelve". She explains that Kenny's code refers to "Fat Panda" the Chinese agent who's murder they investigated. 

The bank account that double agent Frank had been using, when "Fat Panda" was looking into him, has suddenly become active again, even though Frank's dead.

The money has all been transferred to Geneva. Eve and Bitter Pill can't trace the banking information, so Eve asks Moe, one of Carolyn's workers, to investigate.

Konstantin visits a man who works for The Twelve. He informs him that six million dollars have been taken from the Geneva account.

Villanelle arrives in London. She enters a perfume shop and asks for a scent that radiates power.

Carolyn pretends to get stood up on a date. She then "runs into" a man named Henry from her past. He works in banking in Geneva, and tells her that the account is owned by a man who died nine years ago. 

A man named Sergei is the "owner" of the account now, and he lives in London. 

Villanelle buys a talking stuffed bear, and records a message for Eve. 

Eve goes to visit Niko, and finds out he discharged himself a week ago.

She takes a bus back to Bitter Pill. Villanelle enters the bus and strolls up to Eve. Eve immediately lunges at her and the two engage in a physical fight on the bus.

Villanelle pins Eve down and tells her to smell her. Eve gives her a confused look and then kisses her. This catches Villanelle off guard, and Eve headbutts her off of her. Villanelle gets off the bus.  

Carolyn and Moe stake out Sergei. He's the man Konstantin met with earlier. Carolyn makes Sergei get into the car with them.

Eve realizes Villanelle is after Carolyn and tries to warn her. Villanelle gets there first. She shoots Sergei. He was the target.

Villanelle scares Konstantin in his apartment. She tells him she wants to find her family. 

Villanelle leaves the talking teddy bear in Eve's apartment with the repeating message "Admit it Eve, you wish I was here." Eve listens to it over and over.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Did you take this job thinking it was going to be easier? Then quit now, because it's only going to get tougher.


Before I go on you have to understand that once I tell you about them, your lives are in danger.