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Villanelle is making breakfast when the doorbell rings.

She takes a knife to the door and finds a wrapped gift from Aaron in the alley.

It's the philosophy book she used to bean him in the head.

Eve arrives. Villanelle is happy to say she got her date with Aaron. Eve wants to start. Villanelle isn't dressed but Eve doesn't care.

Eve wants to know if V really meant what she said in the meeting. V doesn't even know if she's telling the truth or not.

The brunette exits the bedroom to thank Villanelle for the sex.

Villanelle spots the jealousy seeping from Eve.

Billie meets Aaron for lunch and he's booked the entire place. He wants round 2 to be in private.

He's already ordered her the best thing on the menu available only one week per year, but he doesn't have anything himself.

Villanelle takes a bite. She seems to like it.

Eve calls Villanelle.

Villanelle is stuffed. Aaron wonders why she befriended Amber. Did he know who he was? He's very rich. They talk about money. She likes buying things, owning them, looking at them.

She's a collector. Of everything that makes her feel something. He wants her to go to rome with him. He won't sleep with her. He won't touch her. He orders more food for Villanelle and she eats it greedily.

When she returns, she has nine missed calls. They're all from Eve. Eve gets a big kick out of it.

Carolyn wonders about Villanelle's state of mind. Is Eve razzing her up? Konstantin seems to understand what's going on with Villanelle. Eve wonders if there will be a team attending Rome. Kontstanin offers, but Eve settles on Hugo tagging along. Carolyn supplies Villanelle with a safe word.

When Niko and Gemma are in his storage locker, Villanelle pops round.

Villanelle doesn't like that Niko always seems annoyed to see her. Villanelle tells Gemma she sees she got what she wanted.

Gemma consistently says Niko and annoys the shit out of Villanelle.

But Villanelle is there for a purpose. Shepherds pie.

Carolyn asks if Villanelle has increased agitation, restlessness, attention seeking. No? What about Eve?

Niko tells Villanelle he doesn't love Gemma. He also admits to loving Eve.

That might have been a mistake.

Meanwhile Eve goes to visit psychopath expert Martin under the guise of getting better insight into Villanelle and the operation. Martin is more astute than that and uncovers Eve's having the time of her life.

Despite his (second) recommendation that Eve remove herself from the case, everyone is in Rome. 

Eve has Hugo along for a sidekick and they set up camp to watch over Villanelle. 

Villanelle, though, didn't get her spy pill because Aaron confiscated her belongings so he could mold her into someone he wants at his side.

Villanelle decides to play along.

Eve gets Villanelle her microphone through some bread at restaurant and V eats it later while singing One Way or Another as her indication she's still into Eve.

Aaron has cameras planted all over the room in which Villanelle is staying, and when she appears sporting a Villanelled version of an outfit he chose for her, he freaks. Then, content that she's pretty as a picture, he leaves he with the demand she not move at all while he's gone.

Aaron shows off in front of a couple of buggers who want his product by laying his life out on the dinner table. 

Later, Aaron gets angry at Villanelle for eating the "disgusting" orange chocolate he'd demaned the help rid from the bowl. He reveals he did a search for Billie Marie Morgan. 

Eve freaks. She told Hugo to make her profile watertight!

But Aaron likes not knowing anything about Villanelle. He likes the void. He is, as well. Villanelle finds it fascinating that Aaron never wants to engage with people. She thinks she's different than him.

Hugo worries that Villanelle and Aaron have gotten a bit cozy. When Villanelle goes to bed, she reaches out to Eve via the ear piece and suddenly there is a threesome in progress with Hugo in the middle.

It must happen at a time when Aaron isn't listening because her one sided conversation would be very telling.

Villanelle toys with Eve right to the morning when she greets her. Hugo gets the picture when he sees her remove her ear piece.

Villanelle is tickled that Hugo knows.

Niko is bloodied on the floor of the storage unit. Gemma is not faring as well on the plastic-covered couch.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Don't be jealous. I'm not with them when I'm with them.


[to Villanelle's voice mail] Hi. It's Eve. Just... send me a text when you're finished, or otherwise, I'll worry that you've been murdered or something. [pause] Hi Villanelle, just checking in to make sure everything is OK with Aaron. I, I'm sure it is, it's just, you know, so I know. I'm sure you're fine.