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Katy is struggling to sleep following her breakup with K.O. and her friends step in to try to help her come to terms with everything that happened. 

However, she royally messes up a good thing for Lacey's and sets out to fix her mistake. 

She tries to get close to someone who could reverse the fortunes of the department store. Pepper gets her into a party. 

The man ultimately decides to help, but not before Katy sleeps in the department store and is caught by her boss. 

It turns out Katy did save the store. 

Jorge struggles to get close to Bernardo because he worries that everyone is judging him for his appearance. 

In the end, Jorge confronts his father and manages to fix his issues with Bernardo. 

Pepper learned that a director and K.O.'s flat mate was filming gay porn to pay the bills, and Pepper lets him use her building for it. 

In the end, they sleep together. 

Josie finds herself being invited to Cabot manor and asked to be in an arranged relationship with Alexander in exchange for a deal to fund her ep. 

Katy Keene
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Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Katy: Thought I heard the rumblings of a friendtervention. You guys, I appreciate it, but I'm fine. Truly.
Pepper: Honey, you're wearing ballet flats, you're clearly not fine.
Jorge: You've barely slept since K.O. moved out.
Katy: I've always been a night owl.
Josie: Yeah, but you're usually up making clothes.
Katy: I just, I haven't felt inspired.
Pepper: We know the perfect cure to help you get over K.O. Girls night out, some dancing, some drinks.

Jorge: Uh-huh.
Katy: They are beautiful. Thank you. I just don't feel up for it.
Jorge: Katy girl, you gotta start dealing.
Katy: I am -- by throwing myself into work and other than you three, it's the only thing keeping me from a complete meltdown. I'm gonna be late. Thank you.