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Quarles kills Gary with the bullet Raylan tossed at Duffy.  The cops then make Raylan a suspect.  Tonin mentions that Raylan is dirty and in bed with Boyd Crowder while on the phone.  The FBI is listening so they start investigating Raylan as well.  Raylan gets out of both problems safely.


Since Quarles's plan to take out Raylan didn't work, Tonin and the Detroit family say they're done with Quarles and Kentucky.  Limehouse comes to Quarles, saying he wants to back the winning side of the Sherriff Race, and it looked like Quarles accepted the offer.

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I am very impressed by Derrius. His cpaseverrnee and determination are qualities epitomizing the very essence of what it means to be a succesful young man. After reading the article I sat and wondered where is the key turning point for youth with so many obstacles to overcome. His mother is drug addict, and his father died why can;t all yout overcome these obstacles. Now, many of you will say he had many positive factors but some teens reject the positive events in their life and turn to lives of drug addiction, become runaways and end up in our legal system. I saw this for years an emplyee at a juvenile boot camp. What is the key age t send kids on a positive road? How come even when help is extended some dont succeed? Is it the home, the neighborhhod, peers lack of a quality education system? I am so impressed with this young man .kudos!

Justified Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Raylan: How'd you know that?
Tim: I'm good at my job.

Raylan: I told him the next one might be coming a little faster.
Garrity: Deputy, that might just be the coolest thing I've ever laid ears on.