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Boyd and Dickie both want to get their hands on Mags's money, so they team up for a minute.  Boyd realizes Errol was setting him up for Limehouse.  Quarles, after escaping his capture with the prostitutes, goes to Boyd's bar to kill him in order to clear his debt with Limehouse.  Trooper Tom shows up and is shot by Quarles, who then escapes.


Raylan is after Quarles, Mags's money, and Dickie Bennett.  He gets two out of three when Limehouse tells him to go to Loretta's house.  Dickie shows up looking for the money, and when he pulls on Raylan, the Marshal has to put the man down.  Loretta ended up having the money the whole time, and Raylan lets her keep it.

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My theory is that the guy in the bed is being used to take scans of iirujnes. If they're running an Oxy ring involving prescriptions and are faking MRIs/xrays/etc. in order to justify people needing a really strong painkiller, a good way to do it would be to have someone around who was injured. I think it comes as a bonus to Quarles that gets to be a sadist and keep him tied to a bed to beat the shit out of him.This thought only came to me after this week's episode though, since they were handing people folders with MRIs in them as support for their need for Oxycontin.

Justified Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Any noise out of that filthy whore mouth of yours, and I will rip your head off with this chain. Do you understand?


The shit follows me home like a three-legged dog.