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Justified Season 3


It's the third season finale of Justified and we all know what's at stake: the life of Robert Quarles. Who will take him out?


Ralyan closes in on Quarles this week, while Boyd and Dickie actually team up to rake in the Bennett family cash.


Raylan goes up against a couple of Detroit hit men this week, while the battle between Boyd and Quarles reaches a climax.

"Guy Walks into a Bar"

Raylan tries to keep Dickie in jail this week, while also dealing with the ever-unpredictable Quarles.

"Loose Ends"

Raylan goes after a Dixie Mafia soldier this week, hoping he helps him bring down Robert Quarles.

"Watching the Detectives"

Raylan finds himself accused of multiple crimes this week, while a former acquaintance ends up dead.

"The Man Behind The Curtain"

Raylan's tactics place him at odds with the FBI this week, as he continues to go after Quarles.

"When the Guns Come Out"

Boyd fights for control of the Oxy trade this week, while Raylan tries to keep the peace in Harlan.

"Thick as Mud"

Raylan is in pursuit of Dewey this week, who is off on a one-man crime spree. Elsewhere, Boyd faces down a new foe.

"The Devil You Know"

Raylan is on the trail of Dickie and Boyd this week, following their escape. The latter, meanwhile, confronts a trailer.

"Harlan Roulette"

Raylan sets his sights on an Oxy dealer this week, which always brings him into the world of the Dixie Mafia. Boyd, meanwhile, encounters Ellstin Limehouse.

"Cut Ties"

Carla Gugino makes an appearance on this episode of Justified. She plays a woman from Raylan's past and helps on a case that involves witness protection.

"The Gunfighter"

Justified is back! "The Gunfighter" is the third season premiere of one of our favorite shows.

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