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Raylan continues to help Winona stay out of trouble because of the money she stole from evidence lock up.  After finding out that she took the entire bag of money, they spend the episode trying to get it back into the cage.  After the Secret Service comes and goes, the two finally get it back into an empty locker, where hopefully no one will put two and two together.

Boyd is brought in by a Carolyn Johnson to be part of her private security team.  After standing by her side throughout the opening rounds of a trial she is on, Carolyn asks Boyd to help her with a bigger problem.  She has a problem with Mags Bennett and her boys, and wants Boyd to help her deal with them.

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Justified Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Raylan: You think he was telling the truth?
Art: Well he's a bank robber Raylan, why would he lie to me?

Winona: I'm really sorry.
Raylan: I know that. It's the only reason I'm not beating you over the head with a phone book.