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Justified Season 2

"Bloody Harlan"

Synopsis and recap of the second season finale to come soon.


Raylan hunts down a criminal close to home in this penultimate season two episode of Justified.

"Full Commitment"

Tim protects Raylan as he attempts to find out who sent the hit on him and Winona. Boyd hijacks Dickie's pot deal, so the Bennett boy plans a counter attack.

"Debts and Accounts"

Boyd and the Bennetts being to figure out who owns Harlan County. Meanwhile Raylan contemplates leaving the Marshals.

"Brother's Keeper"

Coover doesn't like what he hears from Mags this week. How does that play out? We've recapped "Brother's Keeper."

"The Spoil"

Raylan comes to the rescue of a coal executive on this week's episode. His negotiations involve the Bennets.

"Save My Love"

Raylan tries to save Winona from going to jail this week. He must weave his way through a federal courthouse.

"Blaze of Glory"

Winona is the victim of a bank robbery this week, while Raylan is in pursuit of a veteran criminal. Read on for a full recap.


The state task force wants to borrow Raylan this week. The mission? Determine who is cashing Walt McCready's benefit checks.

"For Blood or Money"

Raylan is after Rachel's brother-in-law this week. Elsewhere, Boyd contemplates a dangerous offer in Harlan.

"The I Of The Storm"

Boyd goes on the run this week after killing someone during a hijack. Raylan must pursue.

"The Life Inside"

A pregnant fugitive is captured by human traffickers on this episode. Off goes Raylan in pursuit.

"The Moonshine War"

Timothy Olyphant and crew are back for the second season of Justified. On this episode, we meet members of a family with whom Raylan will clash.

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