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Jane and Petra decide to run against each other for Room Mom. Things become tense between them. They both eventually decide they don't want the job. Rafael gets Room Mom instead.

After Mateo's new aide, Alex, spends some time with him, he tells Rafael and Jane that Mateo may have some behavioral issues, but he's a good kid. Jane tells Alex she had been worried Michael's death scarred Mateo, and Rafael was worried his time away i prison hurt Mateo too. Alex tells them Mateo is just fine. This moment also provides Jane with the realization that she may be ready to date again, since her support group told her she would be ready to move on once she told the story of Michael's death without crying.

Rafael provides a shoulder to lean on when Petra worries their daughters are scared of her due to a picture the girls drew of her looking like a dragon. Rafael says they see her as their protector. Later on, Rafael and Petra sleep together.

The police come by the Marbella to talk to Petra about Scott's burn book delivered to them. Petra tells Rafael and blames Abbey who saw her hide it. Chuck is furious with Petra when he finds out about the book. Rafael asks about a missing page that the cops are wondering about. Turns out it's a page where Scott wrote down all of the horrible things Rafael's father said about him. Petra didn't want him to see it.

Jane sees something is wrong with Xo when she isn't jumping at the chance to plan her wedding to Bruce. Xo admits she feels like something wrong, so she tries to recapture the passion with Bruce. Meanwhile, Rogelio talks to Mateo about Xo, which she later finds out about when Mateo says something. Rogelio tells Jane not wanting to have a kid is not a deal breaker anymore since Mateo has filled that void in him. Jane tells this to Xo, and Bruce can see she still has feelings for Rogelio when they do a practice run of her deposition. He calls her out on it later and she gives back his engagement ring.

Alba tries to catch Jorge's eye, but thinks she keeps embarrassing herself. Turns out she did catch his eye when she tells Xo and Jane that he asked her out.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Jane: The kids can see democracy in action. This time free from Russian intervention.
Narrator: Ugh, don't remind me.

Xo: I just feel nervous, and I don't know why. I mean, things are good...not passionate like in the beginning.
Jane: It can't always be like that.
Xo: Exactly, that's what I keep telling myself. This is what happens in relationships, and I'm just not used to it because I've never stayed in one long enough.
Jane: Exactly.
Xo: And I self-sabotage too. This might just be that, and so, I don't want to overreact and ruin something really good... really great.