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When Xo is telling Jane a story, she learns that Jane's grandfather was very rich, but left it to marry her. 

After Rafael was fired and sent to Mexico City to look for his sister, Rafael returns, without Luisa, to surprise Jane. When they are reunited, Rafael is back and Jane is starting to show. Rafael wants to move things faster, but Jane makes an excuse to leave without telling her she's a virgin. Jane confides in Xo about not telling Rafael about being a virgin. Xo does not trust Rafael and Jane does not like it.  

Petra and Rafael talk about their divorce and she wants more money

At a hearing for Jane's lawsuit, Jane almost receives a default judgment until Luisa shows up after she disappeared. Luisa reveals she went to Peru to discover herself. Rafael doesn't think that Luisa is crazy, but to get his job back, Rafael must report to Lachlan, who gave Petra a job and now Rafael has to report to her

Jane and Michael very awkward, but Michael is about to have a big break to Sin Rostro. Michael and partner following lead. Michael and partner see someone exiting crate. Michael follows man to hotel. Michael discovers that the mystery man is a Serbian war criminal and he and partner invade the room to find nothing. 

At dinner, Rafael tells truth about Lachlan and Petra. A couple sends over a meal because they think she is a virgin. Rafael does not take the virgin news lightly. Jane gets frustrated with Rafael about his bad reaction and ends their date early. 

Xo is still dating Marco and Rogelio is hanging around their house. Xo is having problems getting singing jobs, but Rogelio wants to help. Xo gets a call from a record producer to record a demo. Xo records the demo, but the producer keeps wanting her to do things differently. Xo gets mad that Rogelio made all of the appointments without her knowing, but she won't admit that she still has feelings for him.

Jane lies to Xo about telling Rafael the truth about her virginity. After Jane texts Rafael she never hears back from him. Rafael meets someone at the bar and gets very flirty. The next day at work, Jane is told to deliver drinks to a room that she eventually sees has Rafael and the bar girl. Rafael tries to explain himself, but he doesn't remember anything. The bar girl turns out is wearing the necklace with Jane the Virgin on it.
Jane tells Xo the truth about Rafael and is upset about the revelation. At school, the bar girl shows up and tells her that she was paid to drug and sleep with Rafael. She is a religious woman and wants to hug Jane for a miracle to see her son that she was separated from. Rafael apologizes to Jane, but Jane wants to focus on raising their child, rather than a relationship
Luisa confesses her feelings to Rose, her step-mother/former lover, but she tells her that nothing can happen between them. Luisa wants to tell her father about the affair. Rose confronts Rafael about Luisa's breakdown and lying about the truth behind her sexual feelings. The family decides to confront Luisa and she attacks Rose before she is sent away. 
Petra admits that leaving Lachlan was a mistake. Later, Lachlan reveals to Petra that he still loves her and will delete their sex tape, but later, Lachlan did not actually delete it.
Jane's abuela is very upset because of Jane's lawsuit. When it is discovered that it goes back to an issue when she first arrived in the country with her husband. Jane feels guilty about hurting her grandmother. 
Xo breaks up with Marco because of her feelings for Rogelio. When her demo is debuting, Rogelio shows up to hear it and is very happy about Xo's break up. When they touch, a spark starts between the two.
Rafael discovers that Jane withdrew the lawsuit because of her grandmother's concerns that she is not a legal resident. Rafael tells truth about Jane really suing him and she remembers that love is giving up money. Rafael says he will work for Lachlan and fight to be with Jane. From afar, Xo sees the same spark between Rafael and Jane and looks worried. 
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You're Jane the Virgin and I'm a really religious woman. Which, I know, is hard to believe given, you know, what I do.


Life is full of tough moments, you have to fight for what you want.