Jane By Design Season 1

"The Bonus Check"

On Jane By Design, Jane funds the school play with money from her bonus check and even convinces her co-workers to make costumes.

"The Sleepover"

On Jane By Design, Jane takes off for London to try and convince Jeremy to return when Donovan needs help closing a deal.

"The Back Up Dress"

On Jane By Design, Jane plans to go on a real date with Eli. Will Kate accept Dakota's proposal?

"The Online Date"

Billy is unsure about meeting Zoe's parents on this episode of Jane By Design. Elsewhere, Kate makes an online-dating profile for Gray.

"The Second Chance"

On Jane By Design, when their mother returns home Jane is thrilled but Ben is concerned she'll only leave again. Billy worries over Zoe's weird behavior.

"The Surprise"

On Jane By Design, Jane believes no one remembers her birthday and is unaware that a surprise party is being planned in her honor.

"The Celebrity"

On Jane By Design, Jane and her team must convince a movie star to come on board in order to retain a big retail account.

"The Replacement"

On the summer premiere of Jane By Design, with India out of the picture, Jane begins to wonder if she has a shot at her job.

"The End of the Line"

Fashion Week has arrived! And, with it, Gray and the Donovan Decker team are relying on Jane more than ever.

"The Getaway"

Jane's plans for the weekend get completely uprooted this week. So much for that romantic quality time with Nick.

"The Wedding Dress"

Autumn Reeser guest stars on this episode of Jane By Design. She plays a socialite in need of a wedding dress.

"The Teen Model"

A famous teen model plays a key role on this week's episode. Will she mess everything up for Jane?

"The Image Issue"

Jane is tasked with finding the next big trend this week. She hits the hallways of her school to fulfill the mission.

"The Lookbook"

Jane is assigned a major task this week, having to do with the Donovan Decker Lookbook. Speaking of, ummm, where is that thing?!?

"The Finger Bowl"

Jane reacts poorly to Billy's secret this week, while everyone in the Donovan Decker offices panic because the top fashion editor is paying a visit.

"The Birkin"

Jane is running in circles on this week's episode, trying to be number one both at work and also at school.

"The Runway"

It's a juggling act for Jane on episode two, as her work life and her school life collide.

We meet Jane Quimby on the series premiere of Jane By Design. She's a quirky teen with a taste for fashion.

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