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It's six months after the events of the season finale. 

Clive and Dale are expecting a baby as Dale is pregnant. She's also still running the police department. 

The still have a brain shortage, although Blaine isn't hurting for any brains. He's living the high life. 

A woman is attacked by zombies which makes people neasey and causes the border patrol agents whoBlaine and don E are working with and usually paying off to go back on their deal. The agents aren't complying and that makes it harder for them to get the brains they are able to smuggle into the city. 

The agents disappear. Blaine holds them captive and threatens them. Al but one submits to his will. 

Liv cooks the last of the available brain in the morgue. It's a thuggish brute. Ravi is on his zombie cycle and its it instead. he behaves like the victime for the remainder of the pepisode. 

Clive and Liv investigate the case of the missing woman. They speak to the bodega owner who catches the attack on tape. Blaine tries to bribe Liv and CLive catch the zombies in the video. 

Clive and Liv speak to the boyfriend, and later he uses the phone app to track her belongings to the woods. 

Liv is still running the underground operation. She chooses a case with a sickly kid. Barron goes to the site and is forced to take the teen and two others. They get caught on the bus heading out of town when a passenger signals border security. 

Peyton goes on televisoin to speak to the public about easing zombie-human relations. Dolly, an activist is anti-zombie. Later she encourages a suicide bomber to blow up the place where the zombies get their rations, and it kills many of the FIllmore Graves soldiers. 

Ravi speaks to a doctor who is new at CDC and has figured out that Isobel's brain due to her condition is the zombie cure. Ravi talks her out of sharing it because kids with her condition will be hunted for their brains.

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Chase Graves had no interest in being popular whereas being popular is what I live for.


Blaine: Who's here?
Don E: Think of all the people you would like to see. It's none of them.