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Two dancers preparing for a competition share one drink and are poisoned with cyanide.

Liv eats Nancy's brains and is a codependent dancer who clings to Ravi. They have to pose as dancers to get closer to potential suspects. Clive cannot go undercover as he was already seen.

Ravi is not happy about having to do all of this dancing. He's uncomfortable he and Liv befriend the first suspects and Liv finds out the two g it is were sleeping together.

Clive is an unexpected source who helps Ravi learn a dance routine. They train in a montage straight from dance movies.

On comprotion day, they dance but Liv has a vision midway through the routine. She realizes Gulliver's ex boyfriend was their suspect. She and Clive go interview him and he admits he wanted to kill Nancy because she got between them, but he didn't plan to kill Gulliver. He drinks his beverage and dies of poison.

Clive and Dale bump into Michele at Lamaze class. She's pregnant. Clive asks her if he's the father and she says she doesn't know. Dale doesn't know hoentonoricesd this.

Dale and Michele team up when Clive is late for class. Michele wont get thr DNA test because of the risks. Clive has to deal with not knowing.

A school is doing lice checks but is really checking for zombies and separating the kids. FG soldiers go to the school to stop the whole thing as they are deciding Jordan's little brother is a zombie.

One of the kids go for the FG soldiers weapon and they all point their guns at the kids.

The video gets out and the parents are outraged. Peyton has to run damage control. She and Major get into it.

When she goes go the school to discuss the separation issue Major told her about, Michael is being bullied. He eventually rages out and scares everyone.

peyton takes him with her and Major finally meets her to take over. Michael wants to join FG to kill humans because he thinks they are all bad.

Major takes him and his brother to Liv. He realized they were Jordan's brothers. Kiv says the hideout has become a bit of a zombie orphanage anyway.

They are having a memorial service for Baron. The kids tell Michael about Baron and he's surprised to find out that all of the coyotes risking their lives for them are humans. He reconsiders his stance on humans.

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Liv: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Ravi: Are you thinking about searing groin pain?

I've been saving that up for a while so, [sings] that girl was poisoned. And so was that guy with cyanide.