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Liv, Major, and Clive meet Vivian Stoll at Fillmore Graves to discuss the video being leaked by Harley Johns. Vivian has a moment alone with Major. She shakes his hand and checks his pulse, after talking about how remarkable a soldier he was and wondering why Harley managed to get the jump on him and Justin. 

She figures out that Major is human and pulls him from active duty. He tells her about the cure and she says she wants a meeting with Ravi when she returns from her trip. She and her partners get on a helicopter. the helicopter explodes and they are presumed dead.

Clive and the gang wonder who is responsible for killing Vivian. Liv suspects it's Harley and the zombie truthers but Clive isn't so sure. Ravi proposes he goes undercover to check out one of their meetings since he's the only one that wouldn't be recognized. 

Later on, he and Liv go posed as a couple. Liv tans and dyes, but Harley is still suspicious of her. When they see that he's checking heart rates and blood pressure before allowing anyone in, Liv comes up with an excuse to leave and Ravi goes in alone.

Liv consumes daredevil brain. Finn Vincible is a jackass-esque star who performs dangerous deeds for views. He chose to ride his bike through a ring of fire while wearing a flame-retardant hay suit. The suit catches on fire and he dies. 

His friend Rudy is the suspect when they find out that Finn slept with Rudy's girlfriend. It turns out that he did kill Finn because Rudy's wife had a baby who turned out to be biracial which meant that the baby was Finn's and not his. 

Blaine, newly turned back into a zombie, stalks his old place. He wants to get revenge on his father. He kills all of his father's men, and takes back what's his. He calls Don E and threatens him. 

Don E is because Angus has come up with a plan to expand the brain business that connects with Fillmore Graves, but he won't tell Don E about it and keeps treating him like he's stupid.

Blaine takes his father out to a well and puts his feet in cement and leaves him in the bottom of it. He agrees to go into business with Don E running both the scratching post and the brain business, plus, taking over Angus' plans. 

Liv shares some of the brain with Justin on their date night. Justin steals some of the Max Rager and they both clown off and do stunts on their date. 

Someone new (Jason Dohring) takes over at Fillmore Graves. When he finds out about Justin taking the max rager, he shoots him in the stomach as punishment. He's militant and a hard ass. With Vivian gone, no one outside of Justin knows that Major is actually human. With the new guy, Major seems concerned. 


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iZombie Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Liv: So, did she promote you? Do we get to start calling you Major Major?
Major: She knows I'm human. She's taking me off active duty.

I hope this isn't too personal but...is that a human pulse I'm feeling or are you just happy to see me?