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At the mental institution, Major finds his new zombie friend Scott dead in the bath tub with his wrists slit.

Ravi determines it was murder, since the blood flow suggests he was dead before he was in the water.

Major admits to Liv that Scott thought he saw zombies, but she only starts to take it seriously when she realizes that Scott was also at the boat party.

Liv eats Scott's brain, but Ravi is worried that his psychosis will affect her. 

Ravi has a quiet movie night in with Petyon for their first date, but his plans get derailed when Liv stays in with them and Major shows up unannouced. 

Lieutenant Suzuki tells Blaine that Liv was dating Lowell, and he gets suspicious that she knew about Lowell's plans to kill him.

At the mental institution, Liv discovers that Blaine visited Scott. She questions his girlfriend but gets distracted by more hallucinations.

Major starts sleeping over on Liv's couch because he's afraid to go home again.

When she returns to the morgue, she finds Blaine with Ravi. She considers poisoning him when they test their vitals with Max Rager, but ultimately decides against it. 

Johnny Frost, the weatherman from the pilot, stops by the morgue to identify Scott's body. When Liv asks about potential footage from the boat party, Johnny offers to let her into Scott's apartment. 

Liv uses Johnny's laptop to track his phone to an orderly's apartment. When the police bring him in for questioning, he reveals that he found Scott and his doctor having sex a few months back. They find out she's pregnant, and her motive for murder becomes crystal clear.

Major searches Scott's apartment for evidence, but Blaine and Julien show up to torch the place. He climbs into their trunk in an effort to follow them. He ends up at Meat Cute.

Liv and Clive get the doctor to admit to the murder to protect the baby.

Back at Liv's apartment, Major kisses Liv because of their growing closeness. She pulls away but decides to tell him the truth about her zombie-ness. He surprisingly reacts with understanding and compassion. 

Blaine's new brain orders get stolen.

At the morgue, Ravi believes he's cured his zombie rat.

Liv realizes that Johnny Frost was a delusion invented by Scott's brain, but a phrase he kept saying helped her unlock his phone. She finds the video of the boat party, which features her eating a man's brains. 

Major shows up, having stolen Blaine's brain meals as proof that he's not crazy. Liv realizes that she hallucinated her confession to Major too. He promises to kill all the zombies, and she realizes that maybe that's a good thing.

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I got a giant Indian to throw a sink through the window and jumped to freedom. Nah, I'm just kidding. I checked myself out.


Liv: Careful, don't open yourself up to the classic, reverse Sicilian gambit. That's a chess thing, right?
Major: Sounds more like something a call girl would make you pay extra for.