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A ferry has crashed into a power plant.

Frank comes back with "Life is Happy" t-shirts. 

The suspect in a murder case involving a stop-sign decapitation, Luther McDonald, is Mac's father. 

Mac makes Charlie accompany him to prison to visit his father. Mac tries his best to win his dad's approval as usual. They get told by Luther to not mess with anything. 

Charlie and Dennis wallow in life's many miseries. Bill stops by and announces that he's going to kill himself. He says he will drink himself to death because he's kind of failed at life. 

Charlie and Mac go to the scene of the crime and scare off the witness that they're trying to interrogate. 

Dennis, Frank and Dee go visit Maureen and Bill's wife and kids. No one seems to care that Bill is trying to drink himself to death. 

Maureen has had surgeries to look more like a cat. 

Bill's family basically hopes that he dies. 

Mac and Charlie try to tell Luther that they helped him. However, he reveals that now word is out that his son is trying to intimidate witnesses -- they aren't helping him. 

They realize that Luther was possibly visited by Charlie's mom.

Charlie doesn't know what cursive is. 

Another ferry went into a power plant -- a copy cat crime. The first turned out to be on purpose by someone who just hated life. 

Bill tells Dennis that the nail salon employees that he loves are actually trafficked prostitutes. 

He tells Dee that the fruit that she loves to eat has probably been in someone's orifice. 

Frank tells a horrible story about hurting a homeless man and bonds with Bill. 

Dee now changes her mind and wants to take a life insurance policy out on Bill so that they can get money as well. She realizes that Bill's family may be right.

Mac and Charlie talk to their mothers. Bonnie, Charlie's mom, can't lie to Charlie and finally reveals the truth: that she was having sex with two men. She says one was in her mouth, and the other in her butt.

Eduardo and Luther finish having sex with each other, leaving poor Charlie's mom out of the mix. 

After all the gory details, Charlie's mom reveals that Eduardo and Luther did leave and commit murder after the group sex.

Mac and Charlie meet the group at the bar to get them up to date with the recent revelations.

They come to the conclusion that Luther probably convinced his prison partner, Eduardo, to do the crime.

They argue over how Luther has "dominance" during his sexual encounters with Eduardo, while convincing Bill to take the fall for Mac's dad. 

Bill volunteers gladly to do so, but gets cold feet at the last minute. He reads the "Life is Happy" shirts Frank gave him and instead snitches on Eduardo. 

Luther says that now everyone thinks that he ratted on Eduardo. He says that Mac's effectively killed him. Mac says that he still loves his father, and Luther says he doesn't love Mac.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Mac: Thanks for coming with me, man.
Charlie: Well, you're forcing me too, so, yeah.

I'm gonna save my dad's life!