Payroll Tomorrow - Industry Season 1 Episode 4
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Employees on the trading floor casually talking, payrolls are the next day. Eric tells Harper HR is having issues with her visa.

Daria surprises Harper with donuts for her birthday, and everyone sings happy birthday.

Later that evening, Robert, Harper, Yasmin, and Greg celebrate Harper's birthday. Yasmin gives Harper a meaningful birthday gift, but eventually, she leaves. Harper stays up all night with Robert partying and doing drugs. At dawn, Harper comes on to Robert, but he rejects her advances.

Robert and Harper drive to work. Harper listens to a voicemail from her mom. 

After a night of partying, Harper is falling asleep at her desk. When it is time for Pierpoint's networking event, Robert invites Harper to join him, but Daria does not allow Harper to go because of her hungover state. Harper asks Yasmin to go in her place, and Yasmin accepts.

Yasmin messages Maxim and asks to meet up with him for coffee.

An employee from another department, Duncan, asks Harper to meet him in his office. He tells her about an issue he has with Aubrey, Daria's client.

Harper knows she misregistered something into the system, but she calls Aubrey to get him to take responsibility for the issue. Aubrey does not,  but he does not.

Greg brings Harper coffee, and she asks him for something stronger. He gives her pills. Harper takes the pills, showers, and tells Duncan Aubrey is lying.

At the networking event, Robert talks to potential graduates. He sees Yasmin, and he goes to talk to her. When Yasmin goes to recruit a group of potential graduates, Robert looks at the Pierpoint & Co. brochure and realizes they photoshopped Hari into the group photo.

Robert sees Harper vaping, he goes to talk to her, and she tells him about how she messed up. Robert advises Harper to tell Eric, but Harper refuses. 

Gus makes a donation to a fundraiser in Hari's honor, organized by Pierpoint & Co. Clement points out how antisocial Gus is. 

Theo passes out papers to employees. Gus gets up and asks Theo for a paper, then asks Theo why he is ignoring him. Theo gets angry at Gus.

Yasmin talks about the role women have at Pierpoint & Co., but potential graduates rebuke her. Yasmin tells them off. Robert joins the conversation and tries to defend Yasmin.

Harper meets Duncan again. He realizes how hungover she is and that she lied the entire time. Harper tries to save herself, but her attempts only backfire. 

Yasmin and Robert talk about the rude graduates. Yasmin tells Robert he does not have to speak for her. One of the graduates comes back, screams at Yasmin and Robert, and throws a paint bomb. 

The fire alarm goes off, and everyone is forced to evacuate. Harper tries to stay and fix the P&L before the deadline, but Daria gets her to go.

Outside, Harper panics. She eventually rushes back to her desk. Duncan calls her and tells her to stop, but Harper does not listen to him. Harper's fixing initially works in her favor, but she loses more profit again. Duncan keeps warning her not to do anything else. Harper hangs up on him.

Suddenly, trade floor employees congratulate Harper because she won the payroll sweepstakes. Greg entered Harper's name on her behalf.

Harper calls someone and asks to see them.

Robert and Yasmin wash off the paint in the bathroom. They change in front of each other. Robert asks Yasmin out, but she declines.

Clement and Theo talk about marriage. Gus joins the conversation and casually comes out. Theo says he eventually wants to marry his girlfriend.

Gus says something rude to Clement, who threatens to fire Gus if he ever does so again.

Harper arrives at a theater, where children are performing Shakespeare. She sits down next to Nichole. They make small talk, and Harper makes an offer, but Nichole realizes something is wrong. Harper tells Nichole the truth and asks for advice. Nichole tells Harper to tell her boss, but she refuses. Harper leaves.

Harper calls her mom crying hysterically in fear of getting fired. 

Robert walks into a pub and sees Yasmin. He approaches her at the same time Seb arrives. While Seb goes to get a drink, Robert tells Yasmin that he hooked up with one of the prospective graduates, but Yasmin knows Robert is lying. She continues their flirting game. 

Gus arrives at the bar. Robert notices he is in a bad mood, so he makes him laugh. Yasmin makes out with Seb purposely to make Robert jealous. 

Back at work, Harper asks to speak to Eric, and she tells him the truth. Eric is not mad, but he asks her to tell him next time she messes up. Eric tells Harper that Nichole saved the P&L, so they still have a profit. 

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Industry Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Yasmin: Are you sure, Harper? Nothing good ever happens past 2 AM.
Robert: Everything good happens past 2 AM!

Harper: I actually wrote a paper on the moral case for capitalism.
Greg: That must have been short.
Harper: No, it was 8000 words.