Work Dinner - Industry Season 1 Episode 3
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The episode begins with Harper lying in bed.

Harper and Yasmin talk at breakfast. Seb and another friend come home after getting high all night. Harper and Yasmin eventually walk to work together.

At the morning meeting, Daria informs employees Pierpoint lost one of their biggest clients. Eric comes in and leads the meeting. 

After the meeting, Harper tells Eric about her idea, but Eric says to develop a better pitch. 

Eric assigns Gus to work under Clement's supervision.

Greg and Harper talk, and so do Gus and Robert before starting work. Yasmin arrives with coffee.

Clement goes to a work lunch with Gus and Robert.

Kenny comes to work, and he tells Yasmin not to worry about more significant responsibilities. 

At lunch, Gus connects better with Clement rather than Robert.

Greg talks to Harper about dinner at Yasmin's that evening.

Yasmin takes out her frustrations by working out at the gym. She meets Robert at the treadmill, and they flirt.

Daria asks Harper for a favor regarding a meeting with a client, Aubrey, the following day.

Yasmin asks Harper to get flowers for dinner. On her way back to work, she runs into Robert, who convinces Harper to let him make a dating profile for her.

Daria asks Harper for an update on the favor. Eric asks Harper about her pitch's progress, and he says she will present it at the meeting the next morning.

Yasmin texts Harper because she is late to dinner, but Harper stays late at Pierpoint to get work done.

Robert looks at his phone while Theo and Gus talk in the kitchen. Theo leaves, and Robert and Gus talk.

Harper leaves Pierpoint but continues to work on her laptop on the car ride home. She arrives and sits to eat with Greg, Yasmin, and Seb. They all talk during dinner, while Robert keeps messaging Harper about her dating profile. 

After dinner, Greg and Harper talk in the living room while Seb and Yasmin do the dishes. Seb rejects Yasmin's sexual advances.

Harper shows Greg her room. She tells him that she invited him to dinner to make Yasmin happy. Greg leaves.

The next morning, Harper presents her pitch at the end of the meeting. Theo keeps interrupting her, but she is eventually successful.

After the meeting, Eric gives Harper suggestions for Daria and Aubrey's upcoming meeting. These suggestions conflict with Daria's work ethic.

Yasmin brings coffee and asks Kenny for more responsibilities. He is reluctant until she tells him Aubrey is coming into Pierpoint that day. Kenny gets upset, and he confronts Daria, who eventually agrees to let Yasmin observe the meeting.

At the meeting, Harper tries to pitch to Aubrey, but Yasmin and Daria stop her, creating tension. 

Eric asks Harper about the meeting once it is over, and Daria speaks up about her dislike of Eric and Harper's involvement. Daria and Eric argue, and people start to notice. After Daria walks away, Eric asks employees for the budget numbers, but he gets angry when no one responds. He orders Harper to contact Aubrey regarding her pitch.

Clement, Gus, and Robert meet for dinner with a few clients.

Harper calls Aubrey. He does not accept her pitch, but she convinces him to spend money.

At the end of the day, Daria tells Yasmin and Harper they cannot allow roommate conflicts to disturb their work ethic.

Clement realizes Theo and Gus knew each other from university, and he calls Gus vulgar names. Eventually, Clement leaves dinner with a couple of the clients, and Theo leaves too. Robert suggests to Gus and the remaining client that they go to a club.

At home, Harper messages a guy, Will, on Hinge. They meet up for a date, and Harper brings him back to the house where they have sex. Yasmin hears them through the walls.

Robert and the client have fun at the club, but Gus is not since there is no work getting done. Gus leaves and goes to Theo's home, where they have sex.

After Will leaves, Harper sits with Yasmin. They eventually go smoke a joint outside, where Yasmin suggests that Harper should pay rent.

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Industry Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

So, how do you actually make money? I know that's a naff thing to say, but the idea of people actually making money doing something they love fills me with pain, so.


Harper: Is that like a punishment?
Eric: Or an opportunity, it's up to you.