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Yasmin takes revealing photos of herself, and she sends them to Robert. Then, Sebastian and Yasmin argue over a plant.

Yasmin and Harper walk to work together. Harper asks Yasmin about Robert, while Yasmin asks Harper about Todd.

During the daily meeting, Sara walks in and notifies everyone about an article a former employee wrote for The Guardian about Pierpoint. 

Eric gives Harper instructions to win back his former client, Felim.

Robert wakes up in a stranger's bathtub, late for a meeting. He gets ready for work while Usman, one of the clients involved in this meeting, is passed out on the couch. 

Yasmin meets up with Maxim, an old family friend, for coffee. She asks him to meet with Pierpoint, and he agrees.

Robert meets Clement and the other client, Kaspar, for breakfast. Usman never arrives.

At work, Kenny reads The Guardian article out loud. Hilary gets angry and yells at him, but Yasmin rescues Kenny by mentioning she organized a meeting with a prospective client, Maxim, for Pierpoint.

Eric's office phone rings, and Gus answers it. Harper tries to get him off the phone, but Daria says Gus is allowed.

Daria asks Harper what Eric asked her earlier that day, but Harper answers vaguely. She sends Felim an email after failing to make an appointment with him. She looks up his assistant, Luke, on social media. 

While Robert and Clement are on the way back to London, Robert asks Clement about Kaspar's racist comments regarding Usman and about The Guardian article.

Yasmin brings everyone lunch, and Kenny invites her to the business dinner since she made the connection. 

Yasmin, Harper, and Robert all run into each other in the break room. 

Later that evening, Yasmin watches a revealing video Robert sent her. In the kitchen, Sebastian connects the Bluetooth and accidentally hears the video.

Robert is watching television in his apartment. Gus sits with him, and he asks Robert about his business trip to Holland. Gus reads The Guardian article.

Harper goes out to a private club, where she meets Luke, Felim's assistant. Luke refuses to talk about work until Harper offers to buy special alcohol for Luke.

Todd, Harper's ex-boyfriend, shows up at the club. They go back to Harper's place, where they talk about their breakup. They have sex.

The next day, Daria asks Harper about the scheduled meeting at noon with Felim, but Harper lies to her.

Clement takes Robert for a suit fitting. Robert asks why Clement brought him. After Clement pays for the suit, Robert finds him doing heroin. 

Harper meets Felim at the diner, where she tries to convince him to return to Pierpoint. Daria arrives, but Felim leaves, refusing to do business with Pierpoint.

In the car, Daria is angry at Harper for lying. Harper tells Daria the truth about why Felim ended business with their investment bank. 

Eric comes into work and sees Gus answering his phone. Eric gets angry and yells at Gus. Then, Eric asks to meet Harper privately.

During their meeting, Harper tells Eric that Felim is not returning to Pierpoint and that she had to tell Daria the truth. Eric gets angry again and yells at Harper. He leaves, and Harper breaks down in tears, eventually suffering a panic attack.

Clement and Robert have a conference call with Kaspar. After the phone call, Clement talks about the heroin incident from earlier.

Daria and Yasmin meet each other in the bathroom since they are both reapplying their makeup. Daria gives Yasmin advice for the business dinner that evening.

After Daria leaves the bathroom, Harper walks out of a stall and quickly leaves as well. She leaves work for the day.

Yasmin arrives at dinner, where Kenny sits alone. Kenny tries to apologize to Yasmin for his behavior. They make small talk.

Later at dinner, Kenny begins making subtly inappropriate comments. They all agree to go to a bar where Kenny pays a dancer to give Yasmin a revealing lap dance. Kenny leaves.

Harper and Todd cuddle in bed. Todd gets up and puts on a vest he stole from the private club, and Harper gets mad. They fight, and Harper tells him to leave. She sees him out just as Yasmin arrives home.

On a bus ride, Gus rants to Robert about work.

Yasmin walks into her room to find Sebastian passed out from having video sex with a stranger. She gets angry and goes to sleep on the couch. When she cannot sleep, she goes to Harper's room and asks if she can stay there. Harper agrees.

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It's not an apology if you put yourself at the center of it.