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-Casey Logan, a young model witnesses a murder and enters WITSEC. She's young and is used to being ordered around by agents and managers.  She can't handle her new life and tries to OD on pills.

-Mary gets her into therapy and they decide that perhaps she should go to college to find herself. Casey tells Mary she'd made a great Mom.

-Brandi returns and is pregnant. She plans to tell Peter and keep the baby. Mary offers her help.

-Marshall misses an appointment with Abigail and the minister when he helps Mary plan her father's burial service. Abigail tells him he needs to figure out his feelings for Mary before they can move forward.

-Marshall and Mary agree that they love one another as partners and friends but that Marshall belongs with
Abigail. Mary is happy for him.

-Mary finds the money her father left for her in the basement. The note says the $160,000 in gambling winnings is for Norah. Since the money wasn't stolen, Mary decides to use it for Norah and Brandi's baby.

-Stan is promoted to Deputy Director of WITSEC and will move to Washington DC. He now has the power to keep the Albuquerque office open. Marshall is promoted to Stan's position making him Mary's boss. They toast to the future at Stan's going away party.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I just don't get it. They're adults playing with a bean bag in the burning son.


Funeral? For my father. He'd rather die.