In Plain Sight Season 4

"Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up"

Mary's work interferes with Brandi's wedding on the fourth season finale. The main character is also forced to look after her least favorite witnesses.

"A Womb With A View"

Mary protects a courtesan from a gangster and a crash course in childbirth. Is she ready for it?


Mary and Marshall help protect a guilt-ridden Army veteran with PTSD.

"Girls, Interrupted"

Mary takes a WITSEC mandated road trip as Marshall and Stan deal with a rock star witness.

"The Rolling Stones"

A man must enter the program due to his brother. Mary tells her family she is considering adoption.

"Kumar vs. Kumar"

Mary and Marshall must mediate a WITSEC divorce. Mary has to share her pregnancy with work and family.

"I'm a Liver Not a Fighter"

A terminally ill father want to heal his relationships with his children. Mary resists the reality of her pregnancy.

"Something A-mish"

A witness forced from the Amish community must learn to adapt with Mary and Marshall's help.

"Second Crime Around"

Mary must team up with an unapologetic con artist in order to take down an even bigger criminal.

"Meet the Shannons"

A teenaged pageant queen learns she has spent the bulk of her life in witness protection.

"Love In the Time of Colorado"

Mary plays the go-between for a love sick witness and a suspect. Marshall gets suspended when he tries to protect Mary.

"Crazy Like a Witness"

A witness who struggles with paranoia wants to reconnect with his son. Brandi asks Mary to be her maid of honor.

"The Art of the Steal"

Mary asks a witness to consult on a crime to exonerate Brandi, even though she suspects Brandi herself. Marshall has a new girlfriend.

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