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Hester remembers her life in the factory before her awakening. 

Ed and Mia have a post sex conversation about what she feels. Mia says she is happy.

A psychiatrist examines Sophie, and tells her parents that Sophie is identifying with synths and wants to be treated as one.

Ed is told by the nursing home that he is so far behind in payments his mother risks being thrown out of the home.

Laura and Ed argue about the Sophie situation.

Laura brings Astrid to talk to Niska in an attempt to get a reaction out of her. Astrid learns for the first time Niska is a synth.

Mia and Ed meet with Ed's mother at the nursing home.

Max disagrees with Leo about the mission, and leaves.

Ed and Mia talk about how to pay for his mother's care.

Toby asks Renie for help with his math homework.

Niska and Astrid talk about their relationship.

Pete meets with the black market synth buyers and gets beaten up.

Joe asks Mattie to hack into his work computer to find out why he was fired.

Mattie discovers that the decision to fire Joe was done by synths, not humans.

Joe confronts his former boss with his allegations. 

Dr. Morrow meets with Milo, and they talk about the project. Morrow tells Milo that Leo, the human synth hybrid, is still alive, and she needs to find him.

Renie helps Toby with his homework, and afterwards he gets her to laugh. She gets scared and leaves.

A synth meter reader threatens Laura if she doesn't give up the Niska case. Joe is attacked by the synth, but Odi comes home and saves the family.

Ed disables Mia, his intentions unknown.




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Humans Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Astrid: What do you mean?
Laura: When you realized she wasn't human?
Astrid: I don't understand.
Laura: Niska is a synthetic.
Astrid: I don't-that can't be right.
Laura: I assure you, she was built in a lab.
Astrid: Niska?
Niska: I'm sorry.

Ed: I know you can feel pain, but can you feel, you know, the good stuff?
Mia: I feel happy.
Ed: I meant more like, pleasure?
Mia: I enjoy it. I like the proximity.
Ed: Proximity? Yeah, proximity's good.