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Rogue synth Niska is in Berlin with the code that will give all her fellow synths self awareness.

Niska meets the human Astrid in a club, and they develop a relationship. 

Niska goes to an internet portal in Berlin and uploads the self-awareness code to the cloud, enabling all synths to access the code worldwide.

Niska is shocked that the upload seemingly has no immediate effect.

Elsewhere, some synth workers in a mine become self aware and walk off their jobs.

Fast forward six weeks later, to Laura and Joe's new house. 

The family still blames Joe for his sexual encounter with Anita/Mia in Season 1.

Ed, who runs a seaside restaurant, bonds with Anita/Mia, who is working for him.

Factory worker Hester becomes self aware on the production line, and escapes her job.

Hester contacts other synths and they offer to help her.

Joe and Laura go to a marriage counselor, who happens to be a synth.

Ed's mother is sick, and as a result his business is in danger of bankruptcy. 

Anita ties to help Ed keep the business alive.

Hester meets Leo, Max, and 10 - fellow synths who are self aware. 

A human group who was tracking Hester tries to take her beck. The synths fight back. 10 is killed.

Max, Leo, and Hester manage to escape.

Joe is told that he is being replaced as regional manager by a synth. He is not happy.

Leo takes the tracking chip out of Hester's neck as they escape.

Niska and Astrid continue to bond, but since Niska won't tell Astrid what she really is, Astrid and Nislka break up.

Dr, Athena Morrow is introduced as an expert in Artificial Intelligence.

Niska sees news reports of synths becoming self aware, and realizes that the upload did work.

Dr. Morrow meets billionaire tech entrepreneur Milo, who offers her a unique opportunity to continue her work.

Mia meets with Leo, Max, and Hester. They discuss their next step.

Dr. Morrow meets a synth who has become self aware, and is very intrigued. 

Joe tells his family that he was laid off. 

Niska comes to Laura's house, and turns herself in for the murder of the man in Season 1. She demands to be tried as a human, and asks Laura, who is a lawyer, to help her.








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Humans Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Joe: You were never there, emotionally or physically, so I supposed I wanted to do something that would make you notice me.
Synth Counselor: Laura, do you understand that? Does it feel truthful?
Laura: Mmm.

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