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Ames pretends to be a pregnant woman to help a man named Brody break into a building. After the job Chance shows up and busts Ames.

Winston chastises Ames and she apologizes for screwing up.  She tells Chance that an old friend named Brody Rivera needed a favor.  She met him in foster care and they have taken care of each other ever since.  

Brody goes to see a man named Marcus, who wants to hire him for a big job.

Ames tells Brody she doesn't want to work with him anymore.  He then offers her seven figures. Andres Marcus then shows up and Ames agrees to take on the job.  

The team quickly identifies Marcus and labels him a bad guy.

Ames calls the team and asks them to take her on as their client because she is in a bit of trouble. They agree to help her out.

Chance goes to the heist planning gathering as Chicago.  Marcus wants them to break into the SF Metropolitan Museum and steal The Three Sisters of Antwerp Diamonds.

Winston tells Pucci about Ames's trouble of getting involved in a jewelry heist to steal the Three Sisters.  She wants them to call the police but Winston convinces Pucci to allow them to help Ames.  

Chance (undercover as Chicago) is taken to the man who devised the entire plan to steal the diamonds.  Chicago's task is to kill him.  Chance strangles him and then uses electricity to jump start the man's heart to save him.

Ames squeezes through the air vent to get into the museum and kill the security system. Ames tells Brody she went to Chance for help and that she works for him.  Brody gets upset because he didn't make a deal to give back the diamonds.  

Ames gets hold of the diamonds and gives them to Chance. Marcus escapes.

Ames gets a call from Marcus telling her to bring him the diamonds or Brody dies.

Ames puts the diamonds in a locker where Marcus takes the diamonds out of a fake back.  Guerrero arrives with the real Chicago and takes Marcus down.

Brody is outside sitting on the pressure switch of a bomb.  Chance runs and throws Brody off of the bomb and saves his life.

Human Target
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Human Target Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Ames: What are you going to do?
Chance: What I should have done awhile ago, knock this punk on his ass.

Well gentlemen, whenever women enter the picture things tend to get a little bit messy.