Human Target Season 1

"Christopher Chance"

In this first season finale "Christopher Chance", we learn the story about what made Chance become the man he is today.


On "Victoria" the life of a British Royal family member is at stake. Chance is hired to protect the Princess of Whales, when her romance with an ordinary citizen makes her the target of an assassination plot.


This episode is titled "Tanarak." Chance journeys to an Alaskan island to search for a missing doctor and get to the bottom of a corporation's role in a miner's death.

"Corner Man"

This week's episode is titled "Corner Man." Christopher Chance is hired to protect a prizefighter from a heartless businessman.


This episode is titled "Baptiste." During the hour, Guerrero recruits a new member for the team, while Chance asks FBI Agent Emma Barnes to help him stop his former partner, Baptiste, from assassinating a foreign dignitary.

Salvage & Reclamation Scene
"Salvage & Reclamation"

This episode is titled "Salvage & Reclamation." Chance reunites with a fiery former flame, to free an archaeologist whose discovery of a priceless artifact makes him a wanted man.


This episode of Human Target is title "Lockdown." A weapons engineer wants to leave his corrupt job, and needs Chance's help to get out of his employer's heavily guarded building.

The episode this week is titled "Run". Chance must protect a district attorney from the mob, when her investigation of organized crime make her a target.


This episode is titled "Sanctuary." Chance is hired to save a man named John Grey, a former criminal as he hides in the Canadian monastery.

"Embassy Row"

Chance searches for his friend's killer at the Russian embassy on this episode titled "Embassy Row."


This week's episode is titled "Rewind." In it, Chance takes on protection duty of an airplane passenger. As the plane catches fire, he puts it upon himself to save everyone else onboard.


On the pilot episode of Human Target, we meet Christopher Chance and his team. Chance puts himself directly in the line of fire as he races against time to save his client.

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