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After killing Xavier, Nate tells Frank that he has a plan in place and not to get rid of the body. He later goes to the FBI and tells Lanford that Pollock is dirty.

Lanford tells Michaela and Connor that they have to sign new deals due to Annalise recording them.

Vivian tells Annalise that she believes Sam and Hannah had an incestuous relationship. Flashbacks reveal that Sam reached out to Vivian, and the two began seeing each other while he was married to Annalise.

Later, Frank contacts Vivian and threatens her and Gabriel if she doesn’t stop seeing Sam.

Flashbacks also reveal that Sam caught Bonnie and Frank together and forced Frank to break up with her.

In the present day, Annalise asks Tegan to look into Hannah. She is unable to find proof that Hannah and Sam were involved, but they do uncover she may have been pregnant during her senior year of high school.

Vivian convinces Gabriel to move away from Philadelphia.

Connor accepts the new deal from the FBI but lies to Michaela about it.

Lanford discovers that Pollock is dirty.

Tegan gets Sam’s DNA tested against Frank’s, after Annalise makes a connection between Frank’s birthday and Hannah’s pregnancy, and finds out that Frank is Sam and Hannah’s son.

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Vivian: How is it possible you still love me? You don't even know me anymore. That's some memory you're in love with. Or it's just a line to get close to my son.
Sam: Our son.
Vivian: DNA does not make you a father.

Annalise: You told me that you and Sam only talked on the phone back then.
Vivian: I lied.
Annalise: So, how do I know you're not lying about everything else right now?
Vivian: Because you helped my son. We, we built trust.
Annalise: I don't trust you.
Vivian: I'm telling you the truth now, Annalise. You want it or not?