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Gabriel tells Michaela, Connor, and Oliver about the FBI agent he saw kill Asher, but they tell him they don’t believe him and kick him out.

While out for a jog, Connor believes he’s being followed.

Tegan files a motion to get Annalise’s house arrest expanded, which is approved. Robert tries to join Annalise’s defense team, but Tegan and Annalise say no. He later tells Tegan he believes she has romantic feelings for Annalise.

The AUSA tells the court that they intend to pursue the death penalty.

Vivian visits Annalise and tells her that Gabriel saw an FBI agent kill Asher. She brings the information to Frank and has him tail Agent Pollock. By tailing her, he finds Xavier and kidnaps him.

Annalise meets with the press and tells the public to call out the Department of Justice for their treatment of her. The plan works, and Annalise and Tegan are called in for a meeting to discuss the death penalty charge.

Annalise meets with Nate and offers him a chance to meet with Xavier in exchange for his testimony in support of her. He goes to see Xavier, who tells him that Governor Birkhead was behind everything, including his father’s death.

Xavier offers to help Nate bring his father down in exchange for his life, but Nate kills him instead.

Michaela and Connor visit Annalise and play her a recording of Gabriel admitting that Agent Pollock killed Asher. They also apologize for turning against her.

At the hearing, Annalise plays a secret recording she took of Connor and Michaela admitting they believe they were coerced by the FBI. The committee then throws out the death penalty.

Vivian meets with Annalise and asks her if she knows the real reason why a war was started against Annalise. She tells her Hannah started the war, and that something in the past happened between Sam and Hannah.

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Annalise: Listen, Robert, we've had some nice dates. We danced, but I'm being accused of murder. Any sane person would run for the hills.
Robert: Annalise, come on.

Gabriel: The FBI wants to take down Annalise. So they kill the guy informing against her.
Michaela: You don't know what you're talking about!
Gabriel: You guys could be next. I just came here to warn you.