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Annalise tried to visit Laurel in the hospital, but she was not allowed. 

Jorge showed up and had a court order to take his grandson. He also had a document that said Laurel was addicted to drugs and she was bipolar.

Jorge managed to move the child to another hospital, but not before Annalise confronted him. 

He still left and thanked her. 

Laurel revealed that Dominick called her to tell her Jorge knew all about the plan. She tried to get in contact with Dominick, but Frank killed him and stole the phone. 

A voicemail confirmed that Wes called Dominick on the night he was murdered. 

Laurel was mad Frank killed Dominick. 

Bonnie and Nate got Asher out of prison, and he, Michaela and Asher debated whether to murder Simon. 

This made Oliver flip out because he was tired of the murdering and made them promise to not follow through with it. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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