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Annalise visits Nate and he reveals he was at the house, but he told Wes to take the deal. He told Annalise that Atwood was trying to frame him for moving Wes' body. 

Annalise promised to find a way to get all of this away from them. She spoke to the Keating 4 and told them there was a good chance the police were going to go after them next. 

Later, Annalise decided enough was enough and typed up a complaint about Atwood's conduct and logged it. 

Bonnie was hauled into the D.A. office and threatened, but she said she was going after them. 

Annalise leaked the news about Wes' body to the media. 

Laurel hired a private investigator and he found out the Mahoneys had a paternity test completed on Wes days before his death. 

When she and the Keating 4 took it to Annalise, she opened up about them murdering her baby. Laurel stormed off because she felt Annalise was fobbing them off. 

Annalise got a phone call from Ingrid, threatening her to give up on her plan or she would make the D.A. pursue the death penalty on her. 

Annalise focused her efforts on forging a relationship with Hargrove, but she realized Atwood had offered Hargrove a deal if she got details from Annalise. 

In court, Frank revealed Atwood was with Nate and he was being unfairly treated. The judge granted the subpoena order from the day Wes' body went missing. 

The group questioned why Connor was blaming Annalise and he revealed Oliver was going through the phone. 

When he returned home, Connor said he knew he was with Wes that night. We got a flashback of him trying to resuscitate Wes.

How to Get Away with Murder
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