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Connor attempted to commit suicide as he battled with what happened the night of the fire. In despair, he revealed the truth to Michaela. 

When he spoke to everyone else, it was revealed that Laurel thought he was the killer. This did not sit well with Annalise who said there was no way he was. 

Connor revealed that he accidentally broke one of Wes' ribs the night of the fire. Annalise and the group decided to use this to their advantage because it would contradict what the report said. 

Laurel took the stand and revealed her thoughts on the matter, but Denver said she had lied before, so her word would not hold much water. 

The team was shocked to learn that Laurel falsed a kidnap. 

She later revealed to them that she did not. Her father had asked her to do it, so she needed to. 

Nate continued to investigate Atwood and found out that she was in New York on the day of the fire. 

He took this information to Annalise, while Bonnie continued to try and find a way for everyone to be free. 

She threw everyone out of her house as she wondered what their new angle could be. 


How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Annalise: She's not going to kill us.
Asher: Of course she is, she's the knucklehead who pays people to kill.

Michaela: She just perjured herself in there. Right?
Annalise: Of course.
Michaela: Then we have to break her.