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Annalise and Eve party the night away and it leads to Annalise returning home in a drunken state. 

When she took on a case, her license was removed for smacking the dude from last week's case. Bonnie continued on and helped Asher out. 

The two of them came to blows when Asher made a comment about the case being similar to her father raping her. Bonnie countered by claiming Asher watched on while a woman was raped. 

The two of them put their anger aside and found out that Tristan only did the fraud to ensure his teacher who he knocked up would have things when their baby was born. 

Bonnie used this to her advantage and called the teacher out under oath and she used the fifth amendment so she did not incriminate herself. 

Tristan was set free and made it clear he was no amused. 

Annalise found out that she was not getting her own way and would be suspended. She threatened her boss, but her boss fired back that Annalise could be let go. 

Annalise went home to drink, but Nate went crazy with her when he called her a drunk. She decided the best course of action was to say that she had a drinking problem. 

Connor went on a dating app and had a threesome to rub it in Oliver's face. This paved the way for them to make a truce. 

Laurel found out that Frank was in prison and overheard Bonnie telling Annalise her dad was dead. Laurel figured out that Frank killed him. 

We then found out that Laurel was the second victim and she was pregnant...

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Oliver: I’m on Humper, too.
Michaela: Oh, gimme your phone. I’m really good at picking out guys.
Laurel: Since when?

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Nate: Bam, you got a mean right.
Annalise: Stop.

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