House Season 8

"Everybody Dies"

It's the series finale of House. Will everyone we know make it out alive?

"Swan Song"

This is the first part of the House series finale event, as fans say goodbye to the long-running series.

"Holding On"

We learn Wilson's fate on the second-to-last episode of House. Skylar Astin also guest stars.

"Post Mortem"

A pathologist will only trust House to diagnosis him but House can't be found.

"The C Word"

House deals with one of his biggest nightmares this week, treating Wilson and his cancer diagnosis.

"Body and Soul"

A boy's dreams of being choked lead to real symptoms. Elsewhere, Dominika discovers a secret about House.

"We Need The Eggs"

House and the case tackle a case of a patient who is bleeding from the eyes. House and Dominika try to sabotage Emily's upcoming wedding.

"Gut Check"

Chase gets to know Park's grandmother on this episode of House, while House and Wilson dine together.

"Blowing the Whistle"

The diagnostic team is afraid House is keeping something from them on this episode of the Fox drama.

"Love is Blind"

House receives a visit from his mother this week, while TV Fanatic favorite Michael B. Jordan guest stars as a blind patient.

"Man of the House"

House and Dominika deal with an immigration officer on this episode of House. It features Jose Zuniga as a guest star.


Chase is the focus of this House episode. He bonds with a patient named Moria during the hour.

"Nobody's Fault"

Jeffrey Wright guest stars on this episode of House. He comes on board as Foreman's mentor and confronts House.


No ankle monitor, no problem at all for House! He takes full advantage of his freedom on this week's episode.

"Better Half"

The tea's patient actually vanishes from the hospital on the first new House episode of 2012.

"Perils of Paranoia"

House and the team deal with a patient that has a deep-seated psychological disorder this week. Foreman also meets a gorgeous woman.

"Dead & Buried"

The condition of a 14-year old patient keeps getting worse this week, while Parks tries to get Chase to admit something: why is he obsessed with grooming?


This week's patient falls victim to partial paralysis. The House team uncovers a major family secret when it works on his case.

"The Confession"

It's the return of Chase and Taub! The rejoin the team on this episode of House.

"Risky Business"

Foreman chairs the Princeton Plainsboro disciplinary Committee this week, as it looks into the actions of Dr. Park.

"Charity Case"

Wentworth Miller guest stars on House this week. He plays a patient who collapses after making a large charity donation.


House is back in Princeton Plainsboro this week. He realizes that a lot has changed since he last worked there.

"Twenty Vicodin"

The season eight premiere finds House in jail. It picks up a year after events on the season seven finale.

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