House Season 7

"Moving On"

House makes a major decision this week. It affects his relationship with everyone.

"After Hours"

House has surgery on this episode of House, as Wilson assists his pal and Cuddy remains worried about him. Also, Thirteen asks Chase for help.

"The Fix"

House takes a boxer under his wing to win a bet with Wilson, while the team things he has a new drug problem.


House finds his job is in jeopardy when Cuddy's mother threatens to sue the hospital.

"Last Temptation"

Masters passes House's final exam and Thirteen returns to work in this episode of House. Full recap to come soon!

"The Dig"

Thirteen has been in jail?!? Olivia Wilde returns to House this week and we learn where her character has been.

"Fall From Grace"

Cuddy admits to Wilson that she's guilty over dumping House. Elsewhere, the patient of the week is a homeless man with a history of drug abuse.

"Out of the Chute"

A professional bull rider is hospitalized this week. The episode is titled "Out of the Chute."


This is unlike any House episode in history. A typical installment is interspersed with numerous dream sequences.

"Recession Proof"

A patient breaks out in a severe rash on "Recession Proof." Also, House auditions a Mariachi band.

"Two Stories"

House giving a speech to children? That actually takes place this week, as the doctor speaks during Career Day.

"You Must Remember This"

Cuddy isn't exactly honest with House this week. He wants information out of her regarding Wilson's love life.

"Family Practice"

Cuddy's mother returns this week, but for a dangerous reason. She falls sick and House goes to extreme lengths to save her.

"Carrot or Stick"

Masters searches for clues that link the symptoms of a teenage military trainee and his drill sergeant on this episode of House. We'll recap it in detail s...

"Larger Than Life"

House meets Cuddy's mother on this episode. She has many questions for her daughter's new suitor.

"Small Sacrifices"

This is odd: a patient is admitted on this episode after reenacting the Crucifixion. Meanwhile, House and his team attend a wedding and Taub wonders about his wife's relationship with another man.

"A Pox on Our House"

A lockdown is instituted this week because a girl is admitted to the hospital with smallpox. Elsewhere, Wilson and Sam deal with a young cancer patient.

"Office Politics"

A female medical student makes an impression on House this week, while former Heroes star Jack Coleman guest stars as an ill New Jersey campaign manager.

"Unplanned Parenthood"

House and the team look into the medical history of the mother of a sick infant this week. Elsewhere, Taub and Foreman are in charge of finding a replacement for Thirteen.

"Massage Therapy"

A visit from House's massage therapist causes problems for House and Cuddy this week. The patient of the episode, meanwhile, can't stop vomiting.


It's double date time! House and Cuddy go out with Wilson and Sam this week. There's also the case of a popular children's author who collapses.


House and Cuddy try to balance love an work on this episode, as a family deals with a sick daughter. The former also faces issues with a father and a son.

"Now What?"

House and Cuddy are a couple... now what? That's what the seventh season premiere asks, as we watch these two try and make their relationship work.

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