House Season 5

"Both Sides Now"

This is the fifth season finale of House. Carl Reiner guest stars on the episode.

"Under My Skin"

This is one of the final episodes of House's fifth season. It's titled "Under My Skin."

"House Divided"

House is going crazy in this episode. He sees visions of Amber.


This episode is titled "Saviors." In it, the team is still dealing with Kutner's suicide.

"Simple Explanation"

Fox hyped this episode of House as incredibly special. Did it live up to the hype?

"Locked In"

This is a unique episode of House. It's mostly told from the point of view of the patient.

"Here Kitty"

What sort of antics will House be up to this week? Let's recap "Here Kitty."

"The Social Contract"

On this episode of House, the team deals with a patient... that acts just like House! Dude has serious problems with his frontal lobe.

"The Softer Side"

"The Softer Side" is the 16th episode of House's fifth season. Here's a summary of it.


This is the 15th episode of House's fifth season. In it, House struggles with his personal belief system.

"The Greater Good"

What is "The Greater Good?" It's the title of the most recent House episode.

"Big Baby"

Here's an overview of the 13th episode of House's 5th season. It's titled "Big Baby."


House has moved back to Mondays. Here's a rundown of events from the episode "Painless."

"Joy to the World"

Here's a summary for the Christmas episode of House. What transpires on one of our favorite dramas?

"Let Them Eat Cake"

On the most recent episode of House, the team takes on the case of a fitness guru. Here's a summary of "Let Them Eat Cake."

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House Season 5 Quotes

House: If I wanted gifts, I would just look deep into my patients' eyes and act like you. "Oh, I'm so sorry you're dying, Mrs. Moron. Of course I'll sleep with you. What I lack in skill, I can make up for in..."
Dr. Wilson: You'd just wind up insulting her. Perhaps calling her "Mrs. Moron."

House: You talked to Wilson.
Taub: He has very girly handwriting, by the way.