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House of Lies Season 1

"The Mayan Apocalypse"

Marty deals with the MetroCapital's takeover attempt on the season one finale of House of Lies. He receives help from an unexpected source in the process.


Will Marty be left out in the cold on House of Lies this week, as he tries to help scuttle MetroCapital's attempt to buy the firm.

"Prologue and Aftermath"

Jeannie gets the chance to make a major name for herself this week. Elsewhere, Marty and Monica meet for a mediation over custody of their son.


Jeannie leaks her major secret to Marty this week, while Roscoe and April bond a bit on the latest episode of House of Lies.


House of Lies takes us to the Harvard Business School recruitment fair this week, where Marty seizes on the lone black aspirant for special guidance.

"Bareback Town"

Can Marty actually be monogamous? That's the challenge April lays out for him on this episode of House of Lies.

"Our Descent Into Los Angeles"

Roscoe faces sexual harassment charges this week, which, naturally, leads to Marty taking on his son's school.

It's off to Utah for the team this week, which means Jeannie must take charge because they are dealing with a racist CEO of a motel chain.


Marty takes Roscoe on a business trip this week, but father and son don't exactly spend quality time together. Jeannie, meanwhile, picks up a musician in a coffee house.


Marty learns this week MetroCapital is seriously interested in acquiring Galweather-Stearn. The group, meanwhile, heads to Indiana on its latest mission.


The team takes on the case of a sports team this week, while Cat Deely guest stars as herself.

"Series Premiere"

We meet Marty Kaan and his team of management consultants on the premiere of House of Lies. They will do anything to land a client.

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