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Brett O'Keefe bribes an unwitting vet into falsely testifying that Elizabeth Keane's son, Andrew, was a coward who ran away in battle. Later, O'Keefe and Dar produce a propaganda video to discredit Keane through her son.

Javadi is hiding out in a homeless shelter while Saul tries to arrange a meeting with PEOTUS to tell her about Dar's Iran scheme.

Saul visits Carrie to ask for her help in reaching out to Keane. Carrie is in a deep depression following Franny's removal into foster care, but she agrees to help Saul. She tells Saul she suspects the Manhattan bomb was also a conspiracy. 

When Saul and Carrie finally get Javadi in front of Keane, however, he retracts on his earlier statements and asserts that Iran is indeed pursuing a nuclear program in North Korea. Saul and Carrie are completely discredited before PEOTUS.

We learn later that Javadi had reach out to Dar, sensing that he was the one holding the reins. 

At the lake house, Quinn explains to Astrid that he has difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy and that his thoughts escape him. 

Later, he becomes paranoid that Astrid is somehow scheming with Dar. He tracks someone he thinks is the man who was watching Carrie's house only to discover he had the wrong guy (after clubbing him over the head). 

When he returns to the house, he apologizes to Astrid for the way he treated her. He is ready to accept that he is a changed man and settle into his quiet life. 

At that moment, bullets come tearing into the house. The mystery bad guy is hiding in the forest with a sniper gun; his target is Quinn. 

Astrid is killed in the shootout, while Quinn manages to escape by jumping into the lake. 


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Homeland Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

QUINN: My dreams have a realness. My realness, realness… [struggles for word]
ASTRID: Reality.
QUINN: My reality has a dreaminess. And my thoughts keep disappearing.

ASTRID: Are you going to be able to do this? Live out here? Make a life for yourself?
QUINN: In truth, I don’t know.
ASTRID: You going to try?
QUINN: Yeah.
ASTRID: You’re different than you were. You have to accept that.
QUINN: I keep hoping I’m not, but I know I am.