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On Homeland Season 4 Episode 7, Carrie's investigation gets a lot more complicated, meanwhile Lockhart arrives. 

Nasneem gets handmade pills. 

Lockhart wonders where Carrie is. Redmond says she's sidelined herself after her defeat over Saul. Lockhart doesn't care. All hands on deck.

Quinn goes to Carrie's house to get her and she's not there. She's with Max and Fara trying to find Saul. She dares Fara to tell her she sent Aayan to his death. Fara says they all did.

Inside Carrie's is Dennis Boyd, replacing Carrie's pills. He goes unseen by Quinn.

Haqqani tells Saul his worth -- he is his human shield.

The Pakistanis don't think they have anything to offer Haqqani in return for Saul. Lockhart accuses Pakistan and/or the ISI for Saul's abduction. As Nasneem is sitting there, he's right on. But threatening the country is not a great idea. 

Aasar is confronted by Carrie. He wonders if she's alright. She says Saul was telling her everything about him and he's supposed to be smart. He will meet her at the airport to see all of hte tapes.

Carrie is spiraling and her medication won't help.

Martha is drafting a letter of resignation when Dennis walks in. He, of course, doesn't want her to quit because of his own situation.

Carrie thinks Saul would have made the same call she did and he must be mortified. She is happy, however, not to have Saul's soul on her conscience as well as Aayan's.

At the airport, Carrie and Quinn learn the cameras were down and only one shot of Saul is available. Carrie's senses are heightened and she's starting to crack. Everything sounds like it's inside her ear.

Aasar gives his word that nobody is hiding anything. Carrie has black eyes from lack of sleep.

The nurse who had the medicine is gone. Carrie says she's either dead or missing and nobody will ever find her. Look for Kiran instead.

Haqqani is receiving a ticker tape parade. Redmond is notified. Lockhard, Redmond and Quinn watch it by drone. Haqqani has gone home to his wives.

One of the kids throws a shoe at Saul. Haqqani wants to know who did it. An older boy speaks up. Haqqani tells him no harm must come to Saul while he is Haqqani's hands and makes him apologize.

Haqqani is reunited with one of his wives, crying on their way into his home.

A harried Carrie arrives at the video feed wanting to know the plan.

Carrie runs to her apartment. Her world starts crowding in on her. She knows something is wrong, but she doesn't know what it is.

Saul and Haqqani have a deep discussion about war and Islam.

Carrie crashed at her apartment. Kiran just started a shift at the hospital. She wants Max to pick her up and she takes a few more pills, swallows on and puts extras into her pocket for later. She heads out into the street.

The rest of the team is getting details about an assault to get Saul. It doesn't look good.

Haqqani and his wife are having sex. Poor Saul is locked up outside his gauze listening to it with his head averted.

Carrie tracks down Kiran in the hospital. She's trying to find out what medicine Aayan was transporting. Quinn tries to grab Carrie and calm her down. She knocks him down and flees, vomiting in the streets.

When a car comes at her, horn honking, she flashes back to the mob that killed Sandy. Carrie is knocked down in the street by a motorcycle. The car stops and two men start to get out. She shoots them. The police come and arrest her, and she's weeping in the street as she's cuffed.

Lockhart and the team are trying to determine if Saul and Haqqani are still in the house. They are not. Haqqani is in a car, tapping the steering wheel. Saul is leaning his head on a window. He guesses they're in the tribal areas. They're eight miles away from Afghanistan. Haqqani receives a signal and proceeds down the road. 

Martha goes to see Lockhart. She's upset. obviously.

Saul cannot believe that negotiations for his exchange for another prisoner have begun. Carrie is taken in a straight jacket to a home and thrust into a living area. Dogs claw at the windows when she nears the door. Someone comes down the stairs and she tackles someone. It's Brody.

He says he's here right in front of her. She cries in his arms. She crawls up inside of him. Aasar has Carrie and he's wondering who Brody is.




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Homeland Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Who in God's name told you threats get you anywhere in this country?
Lockhart; Money talks.


Praise God for sending me a human shield.