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Carrie and Maggie are going through their dad's things when Dar Adal arrives. 

He's looking for Peter Quinn. Adal says Haqqani is back in the wild again. She can't wait to see Haqqani dead. Him too, right? He wants to know the minute Carrie hears from Quinn. 

Tasneem is addressing the world about hating America. Saul's waiting for his video to appear on TV and his wife thinks he's not getting back in, although he desperately wants it.

Carrie is out with Frannie. She runs into one of her dad's park friends. When she gets home, her mother is there. Who knew they had a mom? Carrie wants nothing to do with her mom, while Maggie wants a relationship.

Saul has an appointment with Joe. I don't know who Joe is. He was hoping Saul would take the place of Lockhart, but the video would derail any confirmation hearings. Saul wonders why it's not on the internet yet.

Carrie gives a moving memorial speech for her father. When it's over, she spots Quinn outside. 

Quinn can't believe she was moving on Haqqani in the crowd. She shares Dar Adal was looking for him. She thinks he needs to stay away from that mother fucker.

Carrie has never mentioned Quinn to Maggie. Meanwhile Quinn is "hitting it off" with Frannie in the living room.

Saul didn't tell anyone about Dar Adal being in the car. The club will remain a two-man membership group. Carrie discovers her dad sent hundreds of letters on her behalf demanding she be reassigned from Badgdad.

She's sitting with Saul and Quinn outside chatting when Lockhart comes in bearing lasagna. He joins them with some Irish Whiskey.

Quinn stays to help with the dishes. He gets to know Maggie a bit. When Carrie walks him outside, they crash into one another with passionate kisses. Carrie pulls back, she'll just fuck it up. He's seen her at her worse and he still doesn't care. He knows they can make it work. Quinn wants to get out and stay out, but he can't do it on his own. He suggests they get out together. She smiles at the idea. He drives off and I imagine that's the last time she'll ever see him. Whose more messed up, me or the show?

Carrie looks at her dad's stuff at night and decides to go find her mother the next day. Against her better judgment, she decides to leave Frannie with Maggie.

Some dude walks up to Quinn at his apartment. All hands on deck according to Rob. Quinn says he's out. The guy pulls the 20% more likely to lose guys without Quinn trick. He gives Quinn the letters to family members if they don't make it. Apparently getting out is even more difficult than you'd think.

Carrie arrives at her mom's and some young guy answers the door. He tells her Ellen is already at work at school.

Considering she left her kids, it's strange Ellen is a teacher. Tim is Carrie's half brother. Her mom walks a lot like Carrie. They plan to meet at 3:30 at the house.

Saul and Dar Adal are at a restaurant. He wants Saul on the short list for CIA Director again. He has the tape, and has been assured it's the only one. Dar Adal says he promised Haqqani his life would be off the kill list if he didn't harbor terrorists in Afghanistan. Saul reminds him he is a fuckin' terrorist. Dar Adal has an SD card with a show of good faith for Saul from Haqqani. Which is worse? Having been held prisoner by Haqqani or having Dar Adal using him like this?

Quinn calls Carrie in Missouri. He's wondering about her. She thinks they should talk. He offers to fly out to be with her. Carrie says she's no good for him or anybody else. It's not a no, but she doesn't want him to pressure her. I think he's going to do the job.

Tim is 14. Ellen cheated on her husband a lot. Carrie tells Ellen about getting sick when she was a freshman in college. She needed her mom, but she wasn't there. The one right thing she thought she needed to do was to focus on Tim.

After realizing her illness does not preclude her from being with someone, Carrie calls Quinn. His number has been changed or disconnected. She immediately calls Dar Adal wanting to know where he is.

Quinn is walking to the Op. He tells the new guy to step back. He gives him the letters. Carrie's name is on the top envelope.

Carrie goes to Dar Adal's house. She wants to know where he is. On the Turkish border on their way into Syria. They went dark just over an hour ago. The mission is open ended and there is no way to get in touch. This is when she uses the knowledge of Haqqani. She'll go to the Washington Post if he doesn't give her what she wants.

She thinks Saul would spit in her face if he knew what was up. He points outside. Saul is lounging on the couch.

It's not Dar who traded sides, it's Saul. 


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Homeland Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Carrie: She walked out on us. What kind of person does that?
Maggie: Well. You.

I don't think Frannie will remember him, but I'm takin' over dad, and I'll remember for her.