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Carrie wakes up in a strange bed, fully clothed. Aasar tells her about last night.

At the embassy, Aasar runs into Nasneem and tells her what happened. She suggests he think about why she was like that. He intervened. He understands, and says he should have been told.

Saul is taken out of his cell. He's not doing well. The ISI and CIA are watching it on television. Saul tells them to go to hell and do nothing they have asked. Lockhart is simply stunned. If the CIA hurts Saul, it will not end well. Haqqani gets on the air naming prisoner names. Lockhart doesn't believe for a second that the ISI didn't know in advance of the names.

Saul puts up a fight in order to get his hands on a nail. It works.

Carrie is still a Aasar's house and preparing to take her medication. She almost swallows it and spits it out with the realization what they've done. Aasar walks in just afterward. She wants to know who tampered with her meds. Aasar is sincerely concerned for her and wants to drive her back to the embassy. She passes.

Carrie's at the hospital, getting blood drawn and a new prescription.

Lockhart wants to bring the ambassador in right away, then tells her about Haqqani. Carrie says it's Haqqani's entire command structure. Lockhart leaves to tell the ambassador since he got in trouble with her earlier.

Carrie doesn't blame the ISI for exploiting her weakness.

Saul tries to break out of his handcuffs, unsuccessfully.

Lockhart is talking with Martha, who decides to start the changeover protocol in light of the breach, new locks, new codes. Lockhart wonders how she does her job knowing the Pakistanis hate us. It's her job as a diplomat to try to find common interests after sucking up the shit. Good luck trying to find common interest in their hating us, he says.

Dennis comes by, bringing Martha a treat. She tells him not to go outside. She tells him going out alone isn't safe. Then she tells him there has been a breach. She's an idiot. She wants him to be careful.

Back at Saul's cell, he kicked the bucket and hangs himself. Except it's a fake. When the guy comes in to pull him down, Saul strangles him. He grabs something from the guy's pocket, his glasses and runs like hell. He calls Carrie while running through the desert.

Even in his darkest day, Saul still cracks jokes. Quinn tells him to breathe and he says he's fine, he walks two blocks to the deli every day. The extraction plan isn't going to work. Saul knows he won't make it 20 miles.

Saul will not be a pawn by in the prisoner's exchange. No one should suffer for his mistakes. He wants her to promise -- escape or die. She promises, he repeats the plan and heads out to the town.

Dennis tells Nasneem they know about the pills. Aasar watches Nasneem and Dennis speak.

Carrie wonders why the Pakistanis don't seem worried.

Saul waits for the asset and when he find him, the guy points a gun at him. Shoot him or help him.

Carrie realizes that they know where Saul is because they followed the drone. Ground forces find the Taliban.

Saul chats with the man who is helping him. The man shares his story. His father was the only man in town who fought against the Taliban and when the Taliban killed him, everyone else backed down.

Carrie calls with new plans. Saul takes the gun and the phone and runs out the back just as the Taliban arrives.

Martha suggests a formal recess but a smug Nasneem says it's no bother.

The men are all over the town. Carrie tries not to alarm Saul, but he sees the forces. Carrie has to talk him out of killing himself. She promises that if he does what she says, he'll be on his way to the rendezvous point. Instead he's out in the street and screaming that Carrie lied to him.

Lockhart returns to the meeting, telling the Pakistanis that they'll meet all of their demands.

Carrie realizes there are no right answers in the fucked up world they've made for themselves.

Quinn tries to be the voice of reason. He wishes her good night.

Carrie starts her bed time ritual of putting on her sleep mask and inserting her ear plugs and turns out the light. Her phone rings. Carrie heads into the street. It's pouring rain. Aasar has called her. Aasar needs Carrie to believe that he wasn't responsible for the drugs. She tells him it was fucked up what they did to her. Maybe it was fair, what they do to each other all the time, but it didn't feel fair. She believes him, though. She knows he's telling the truth because she remembers. Not everything, but enough. Aasar reveals who is working against the CIA.

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Homeland Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Carrie: Oh. So the police were following me.
Aasar: Only after you beat up a security guard and started shooting people with you fingers.
Carrie: Oh. That's what I was doing. Well, maybe that's because someone fucked with my meds.
Aasar: What?
Carrie: My pills, that I rely on. I'm wondering if someone tampered with them. I guess you don't think it's out of the question.

Don't do it. Don't do it. Nothing they ask. Don't do it. Not anything. Not a fuckin' thing. You tell them to go to fuckin' hell. They can go to fuckin' hell!